[PvE] Where are your favorite places to build a base?

I was curious if folks in our community had suggestions for base-building locations? I’ve done a few play-throughs, but I’m interested in building in new locations. Here’s the setup I’m working with:

  • Singleplayer Game (PvE)
  • Purge (maximum) (I like well-defended bases)
  • Heavily modded (Immersion, Decor, and some quality of life bug fixes)

Screenshots of locations would also be appreciated, but not required. Feel free to describe some good, fun options.

First place I build on a server is near the Tower of Bats…either directly on the river or in the canyon right next to it for all of the easy access to iron.

From there I’ll go next to Sepermeru for T4 thralls.

Map Rooms at both bases. Sinkhole obelisk to go back to ToB base. Klael’s Stronghold for Sepermeru.

A place I like to build that I haven’t seen anyone else at on any server I’ve been on is Road of the Pilgrim. There’s a little clearing to the right of the pathway up to the volcano that’s an excellent spot for a base. Access to iron, living magma for demon blood, silent legion warriors for the plethora of stuff they can drop, obsidian nodes. Also enough room to place a maproom to go back wherever, to teleport up there just use the Black Keep obelisk.


I’m pretty hardcore on logistics, so I build my main base right next to an obilisk. That way my base is always just a maproom away.

The best place I have ever seen is actually over the water at the mounds, because

  1. Not only is it right next to an Obilisk, but you can also have a indoor fish-farm and it’s purge-friendly. You’ll almost always get forgotten tribe humanoid purge and the no-build zones between the canyons make for amazing spawn points.

  2. It’s dreary, rainy, foggy, undeads everywhere, generally depressing. Perfect for people who don’t want to deal with other players, cuz most players don’t like living in a place that looks like England.

  3. Iron, stone and wood in abundance. Close proximity to black ice and star metal to the north, and brimstone to the south.

  4. You’ll always hear a Starfall. (Star Metal)

  5. You can routinely capture Cimmerian berserkers once every 15 minutes. Cimmerian Berserkers are like named mobs (t4) …hit as hard as starships entering hyperspace, with a tad bit less HP than volcano thralls.

  6. T2 purges, but access to T3 resources. (the local trees give resin too)

  7. The undead and cimmerians there drop steel.

  8. You can place foundations across the entire lake just underneath the water line, if you like your “space” but don’t wanna ruin the natural dreariness and… gloom of the place.

  9. The waterline/ entire lake/pond/rainpuddle is perfectly flat. Amazing for building bases.


My main base is near the Oasis of Sekhet and covers a large area there. It is multilevel due to the terrain and built on a foundation grid to make it easier to have a flat building spot.

The secondary base is is near the Southern Aqueduct by the falls on the northern river. Scuttler’s Shortcut is near by for easy access. Since this is in my SP game, I did build a road connecting them to speed travel, water stops, and 2 shelters.

There are several locations for catching thralls in easy travel distance if you do not mind banging theirs heads up and down stairs.


I like just north of the Boundary Spillway, on that road into the north. Those heights give fabulous vistas! I prefer a green area. The area is loaded with stone, wood, iron and coal, and it’s the north, so black ice and thralls are always nearby.


I have been building a base at the Crevice on the edge of the highlands and frozen north. Plenty of room for crafting stations, etc in the cavernous depths. Easy access to a boatload of resources, and appears easily defendable – haven’t been hit by a purge there yet though.


Crevis can be a blast and you can make what looks like an amazing dwarves mine/foundry in there easily. We have one and it is awesome.

I built one near Buccaneer’s Bay, on the south bend in the beach. It stretches between the cliff wall and rock outcropping. On top of the rock I placed a large enough Foundation for a map room.

For a base with a beautiful view, build North of the elephant/rhino boss area but south of the one lake. The spillway i think. There are waterfalls dropping down to where a white tiger boss is. The nice thing about tbis spot is the view. You over look a savanna area and can watch sand storms roll across the landscape, but you are out side of the area of the sand storm so do not get damaged.

For a challenge, build in the swamp. You have to import all iron but it is such an isolated area and no one seems to visit.


You just listed all my favorite places to build.

With the tower of bats though, I have found 1spot directly opposite the tower on the edge of the cliff with the first iron field.
I have managed to build a modest Khitan smelting base there with 4 furnaces, blacksmith, tanner, carpenter, fire bowl and a small well. All without losing a single iron node spawn. I even managed a large well and maproom in the valley below plus a bridge across to the base of the tower.
Will post a screenshot when able.

I have a castle on the cliffs of Silkwood “south jungle” and i made my clan name “Silkwood Pest Control”


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