Looking for ideas for a scenic PvE base location

Hello, fellow players!

I’m looking for ideas on where to start an endgame base on Isle of Siptah.

The criteria I’m looking for are…

  • outside the maelstrom,
  • interesting purges with potential thralls, e. g. Cimmerians,
  • bug resistance, i. e. no purges that spawn under the mesh or in the base,
  • lots of space,
  • scenic landscape and
  • easy to reach adventure locations.

What did I look at so far?

  • First base was on the island in H7. Built a huge lighthouse there, but was lacking space. As the patch transformed that sea into an inland lake, the base made little sense, so I demolished it.
  • Second base is on Eye of Ekim in K7. Lots of space, relatively central, but purge spawns inside the base and under the mesh.
  • Currently looking at the northern areas to get Cimmerian purges. There’s a nice spot on I11 just below the Asylum of the Outsiders. Lots of space, nearby Cimmerian camp, but inside maelstrom. I play in single player, so I can turn off maelstrom damage, but that’s feels like cheating.
  • There’s another platform base location in G12, the little green spot near the coast. Should get Cimmerian purges, but looks a bit small though and is far away from anything interesting.

What are you opinions? Has anybody tried a base in the new lands in the south? Do you know what purges spawn in the south?

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