Looking for ideas for a scenic PvE base location

Hello, fellow players!

I’m looking for ideas on where to start an endgame base on Isle of Siptah.

The criteria I’m looking for are…

  • outside the maelstrom,
  • interesting purges with potential thralls, e. g. Cimmerians,
  • bug resistance, i. e. no purges that spawn under the mesh or in the base,
  • lots of space,
  • scenic landscape and
  • easy to reach adventure locations.

What did I look at so far?

  • First base was on the island in H7. Built a huge lighthouse there, but was lacking space. As the patch transformed that sea into an inland lake, the base made little sense, so I demolished it.
  • Second base is on Eye of Ekim in K7. Lots of space, relatively central, but purge spawns inside the base and under the mesh.
  • Currently looking at the northern areas to get Cimmerian purges. There’s a nice spot on I11 just below the Asylum of the Outsiders. Lots of space, nearby Cimmerian camp, but inside maelstrom. I play in single player, so I can turn off maelstrom damage, but that’s feels like cheating.
  • There’s another platform base location in G12, the little green spot near the coast. Should get Cimmerian purges, but looks a bit small though and is far away from anything interesting.

What are you opinions? Has anybody tried a base in the new lands in the south? Do you know what purges spawn in the south?

From my experience, the entire island has great scenic views, and no matter where you build you will have to ride your horse a lot.
When my base was east, I always wanted to go west, when my base was north, I wanted to go south, etc…
I ended up having a base northwest and a base southeast of the map. Since resources area so easy to get, I don’t mind having duplicates. I’ll probably keep 2 bases until the day we have some sort of teleportation, because if i only 1h to play I don’t want to spend it riding my horse.

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