Bring Purges to Siptah

I play single-player. My base is overflowing with thralls, and they are all wielding steel truncheons. I built on a wild surge spawn point and started with one archer thrall and then built up my posse from there. It’s funny watching them knock out all the intruders. But that’s it, there’s nothing else to defend my base from, no more motivation to level thralls other than to knock out other thralls, and have a few strong ones to take them to the middle of the map. It will be nice if there was some sort of purge in Siptah to test my base’s defenses.


Instead of bringing the broken purges we have on EL to Siptah, go to the shrines and get your surges there :slight_smile: I for one don’t miss the purges at all.

You can also disable storm damage in single player and build in the storm area. You can defend against the siege monsters that will spawn on your base :slight_smile: The options are all there for you, use them.


Its hard to miss something you never have.

Seriously though, i worry for the PVE longevity on Siptah without some reason for it all.
Dont get me wrong, i love the map, the storm, the atmosphere but it is almost completely designed for PVP.

Once weve read all the lore and done the dungeons i dont really see what is going to keep people there.

While purges were buggy on the last map and you had to take a week off work to get one, at least there was something to keep you going.

Maybe consider allowing PVE players the opportunity to build inside the storm by not allowing storm beasts to one shot your structure.
Not like the old map where a t3 building easily could survive an undead purge. Some sort of middle ground where it could be actively defended and withstand more than a couple of hits. If you leave it undefended, it’ll likely go down during one storm.

Of course only on PVE servers to preserve the PVP dynamic.


I play on private servers, I have done hundreds of purges, so pretty much done with them. They are more of an annoyance than anything at this point for me. I would rather wait and see what other features the devs have in mind for Siptah.


I’m another one that’s happy to see the back of purges - I’ve had plenty of having to build for defense, it’ll be nice to just be free to build for a change - and it’s easy enough to go pick a fight with something :wink: Must admit, I quite like the idea of being able to also have the option to build in the maelstrom if I want to - but from this thread, that seems like a simple matter of settings (at least on singleplayer).

Yes, the settings can be changed in single player:

  1. Allow building in the Maelstrom.
  2. Reduce building damage by the Maelstrom.
  3. Reduce damage monsters do to buildings.
  4. Reduce which buildings monsters target (only above a certain size).

If you really wanted to, you could even set it up so that your buildings take no damage and monsters ignore your buildings. The howling winds of the Maelstrom will still pass through your walls, but you won’t suffer any damage with settings like that. The Devs have given us the tools to really customize our “Maelstrom experience.”


I dont mis the monkey, wolfs, snakes or w/e useless purges at all lol
I play for more then a year and never got any T4 thrall from purge… yuk

And I had 3 bases
If there purges introduced, atleast bring 1 named thralls with it… not just waves of like… rocknoses…

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Sounds good :slight_smile: No way I’m turning the monsters off though - not sure I’d see the point to building in the maelstrom without a threat (just to listen to the winds?) - I may be tired of purges, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go looking for a fight :wink: Turning the building damage from the storm down a tad though, that I can definitely see being useful.


I play on official and did many purges in the early days. I have seen 2 purges since October 2018. They each took a week of grinding. Disappointing for one of the most fun mechanics in Exiles, in my opinion.
I don’t wish to play single player or private servers as i like to play with the community that i currently do.
I’m sure there are many people that feel the same way.

I too am looking forward to this. I just hope there is some form of defense mechanic to it for PVE.

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Agreed. Adding purges is good because we’re familiar with it. But if the Devs have something better, Purge 2.0 or even something more dynamic, I’m good with that, too.

There just needs to be some reason for building bases and some PvE interactivity. Conan Exiles PvE does not need to become “minecraft.”


I agree. I actually LIKE the Purge, but it is very hard to get it to happen on Conan Exiles. It would be nice if there was a way to ‘opt in’ to some mechanic where your base was attacked.


Maybe if the purge was fixed so it works like it used to.

I’m talking about when you used to build walls and defenses against the purge. When you used to place fighters and archers in key locations to defend against a purge. When the purge would appear and attack your base head on.

Now? The purge picks a random spot in your base and just teleports strait to it. It’s friggen stupid.

Siptah with the purge in its current state? No.

Almost impossible on official unless you play at least 4 hours a every day.

I would prefer a system where the meter will fill to maximum in 7 days regardless of your inactivity. Your activity could increase it too. You could potentially decrease it by sacrificing something, maybe tablets of power or skeleton keys, if you want to stave it off or avoid it.
Right now all you have to do to avoid it is not play.

They made it harder to get one due to the server resources required, i believe.
Yet to get one you have to continually build new structures which in turn hog the server resources.

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As much as I love fighting Cimmerian Berserker and or AoC purges… with Severe Purge mod (people playing on official be like “can you pass me the vanilla icing”) … I don’t want an incomplete mechanic added to an incomplete map full of incomplete features.

The Maelstrom, the surges, the wild surges need work as well. Don’t want to mix them. They need to fix all of it before they combine them.

Also… yes the “Maelstrom experience”, on your right you can see the non-existent three skull bosses and siege elders. Over there on the left, you can see a giant group of elder monsters just sitting around in a cloud of poison. If you squint your eyes hard enough, you can see the loss of frames in the distance.


I 100% believe purges or something similiar need to come to Siptah. Without it, PvE servers have no reason to build higher than T1. And no reason for base defense as you can’t even build out in the storm.

I bet the damage in the storm will be toned down before release. As someone else said earlier, I’d rather they focus on getting the maelstrom right than adding the purge to the map.

I sincerely hope not. Not because I disagree in principle, but because I think there is less than a snowball’s chance in hell of it not leading to the age-old problem of overbuilding the minute it becomes possible to have permanent structures in there. It doesn’t really matter what difficulty you add, such as needing to repair all the time - someone, somewhere will have the time to do it, and that’s all it takes to wreck it for everyone.

While having the entire center effectively being a no-build zone seems harsh, it’s SO MUCH better than any alternatives. They even added options for curated environments (private servers with rules or single-player) to do with as you wish, which is the best of both worlds IMO.


That is my oppinion too we need a bit of action at the base. Whatfor did we build the base if not
as a defense of some kind of attack. But i think purges have to change a bit. I really like to build and i build big bases like big castles. I want to see wether they can withstand an attack.
I really would appreciate a purge but please different to the one in original Conan exiles.
Let it be a mix of creatures and humans, make the strength dependend to the size of the base,
let the purge spawn outside of the base , not on the roof. Make it “realistic”: for example let rhinos attack the doors, a bit like in Avatar, where nature attacked the intruding humans. Not spawning some monkeys on the roof (that happend to me, sounds funny, wasn´t. Needed quite a while to find them and you don´t have defence somewhere on a roof).
That is the next point, I want to fight a purge not search it. As I already told, i build big bases, I would really appreciate if the attack would be there, where the cross on the map is. Maybe other players don´t care about that, so maybe make it an option in the admin menu.

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Why not have a protective “dome” or range needed over your structure, and everything that falls outside that range will get annihilated by the storm despite your efforts. It would start from the center and branch out, counting by tiles, like structural integrity. Say you can only form a 12x12x4 box.

It would force players to make small bases that actually serve a strategic value as opposed to building the biggest, densest thing they can. That way, it will make every tile count. Chokeholds will matter… To force 1v1 fights and avoid being surrounded. Things like that.

If they do that, reducing the damage storm creatures do past this protective base will allow players not to cheese content and actually engage with it the way it was designed… Protect your convergence trap for the duration of the storm or lose your materials and possibly stationed thralls, etc. It’s a high risk vs reward situation once you commit to doing it.

Right now:
There is no way someone with a repair hammer can keep a structure alive in there, no matter how big they make it. Eventually they have to sleep. The storm doesn’t sleep… And based on how many monsters spawn, they will make quick work of whatever layout of foundations you’ve built.

The lighting one shots whatever block it hits. (There is no repair, more of a mad scramble.) And any graze from a creature that doesn’t drop a lesser ??? will one shot a tile, or any number of tiles in its path as well. Sometimes in incredible AOE fashion.

There is a creature with a hammer that spawns. He destroys everything in his path where the hammer animation happens to fall in. Glorious block destruction. (It was actually ridiculous, but still fun to watch. And I was glad I didn’t invest those resources, just tested a perimeter that was walled off, where I placed a convergence trap in the center. A simple layout, and defended it as best as I could in admin mode. Boy, by the end of the storm, not a piece was left standing and the convergence trap got destroyed as well. But it left the loot bag behind with everything it had pulled.)

The other part is that you couldn’t actually contain him because he did this charge animation and it just wrecked stuff. You can’t body block him in any way or keep the fights away from the building tiles. Sometimes creatures will spawn right into the blocks and you won’t have time to detect and intercept at all. Plus, they seem to prioritize attacking tiles.

It would require perimeter defense with a large number of thralls that are levelled up and decently geared and… well… even then, there is no guarantee that you won’t fail. You would have to form a body wall of thralls around a 2x2 foundation upon which you place the convergence trap.

That’s my estimation based on the one test that I did in admin mode. And that’s not to survive, it’s just to have a consistent income while the storm is happening (from the convergence trap). And even then, anything that gets into sneezing distance will take out the 2x2 along with the trap.

I simply don’t believe there’s any rule or scheme that Funcom could program that sufficiently motivated people (and it only takes one!) wouldn’t figure out how to circumvent, cheese or disable somehow.

At least not anything that makes the system useful for “regular” players: for it to prevent the trolls/spammers/unemployed it would have to be so harsh as to effectively prevent participation from anyone else.

Well, nothing except human judgment that is, which is why it’s great that curated environments with active oversight, such as private servers, have checkboxes and sliders.

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