Purge in Siptah

As title says I would like to have purge in the Siptah map too. Perhaps they will add it later idk. But Why Exiled Lands have it Siptah dont?

perhaps because siptah has the maelstrom?

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Its not enough.


I agree, would be nice to have purges in siptah too, but instead of tribes of exiles, eldritch demons from the maelstrom :^)

Uh, no thanks. At least, not as they are right now. The concept of Purge is fun, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

First and foremost problem is that the Purge is buggy. You have to pray your build doesn’t make the Purge spawn inside your base. Making sure you don’t build in the middle of the river or on an unreachable plateau is not enough. And even if they don’t spawn inside, that doesn’t mean it’ll all work. Sometimes the Purge will bug out after one wave. Sometimes enemies will spawn inside or under the mesh. The worst example I’ve ever seen was one Purge that spawned a skeleton archer under the mesh, but it could still fire at the building. Thirty minutes of watching an unreachable skeleton slowly destroy that part of the base was not fun at all.

Second, it turns the game into a chore or an appointment, depending on the size of your clan. If you’re a one-person clan, good luck getting a Purge. It’s possible, but it requires more than a week of treating Conan Exiles as your second job, unless you leave your computer on and connected to the server all night, which is something I refuse to do for the sake of a game. If you have other people in your clan, it becomes an appointment and you have to schedule your life around it. “Crap, the Purge meter is full, but I have my son’s concert tomorrow evening” is not a dilemma I want to have.

Of course, none of this is something that they can’t fix. But I don’t want Purges on Siptah unless they fix them.

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Purge 2.0 – new and improved! Yeah, I could go for that. Siptah needs more action than what it has right now.


The Purge is sorta related to Exile Lands, or so some of treasure hunters think.

Why a nest of snakes wants my stuff thou… I’ll never understand. XD


It wasnt a suggestion for pvp servers. Purge is pointless there. But for PvE we are building large castles. I d love to see them under siege. Improved purge would be great. You can always disable purge in a private server you know.


Offering all options to server hosts is always most player-friendly of course, but we dont know how many people consider this option important. But i agree.

Remember its still in early acces, things will come, more lans and more things to do!

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