Question: Are there no purges on Siptah?

So the devs said you can only get thralls from the new surge mechanic. So that leads to my question. Has the old purge mechanic been removed completely on Siptah?

Or will there still be purges but absent any humanoid NPCs?

What I want to know is when you do the surge is it a PvP only area?

They show PvP going down there and fighting for thralls.

This will be the deciding factor to buying the new game experience.

It looked to me that they replaced the purge with surge.

Ignasis stated that there will be PvE servers which I understand as full PvE servers. In a vanilla purge I can still come and steal your thralls if you are not quick enough to put them on the wheel.

And kill it it on the rope.

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So it seems like the surge is a periodic open purge. Says its the only way to get thralls. So that’s going to suck if it’s a free for all.

clan war, bigger clan will dominate because they will controll the catch of the thrall, it will be another kind of gameplay, more strategic, ressources centralized.

Yes but we do not have to watch your hopping all over the place ruining immersion and you trying to kill me while we are trying to get thralls.

This is our point of no return for us. We will not buy the NGE if FUncom forces PvP on PvEers.
We have seen this before in games.

Kinda of, Rift had something similar.

I don’t understand where this comes from, honestly. Funcom said already they are planning on running PvE servers too. Noone will force any pvp on you but people can still grief you by messing with your farm if they want to. Same goes for the live build on officials, if someone wants to grief you while you are farming, they can.

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I think the poster is saying that people stealing knocked out thralls while the player is occupied is PvP. You can do this already in the current game, but it’s less common because the thralls are decentralized.

I do recall from the livestream that there would be multiple locations where thralls could be summoned via the surge. There were no real details provided though.

You go to the surge point to get thralls, some one wants to challenge you for the thralls.

What I want to know is, is the triangle you get your thralls from a PvP area INSIDE a PvE server.

Or is there no fighting and just thrashing about trying to out chain up the thralls.

if the server is pve, it is pve everywhere

pvp is only possible with the battle standard but I doubt building is allowed at this spot

I can tell you with certainty in a few ours but for now I am with Testerle on this.

No they are not. Players just come at the surge spot and run around, waiting for others to knock out the NPC’s, spamming E and stealing other players thralz. “Look ma, me stealing dem thralz from da foolz!” :rofl: What will be “da foolz” response (besides flooding the forums with reports on the issue)? They will build DA WALL around the summoning site. Of course they will leave the doorway empty untill the actual surge summon, thus evading the banhammer for “blocking” the site, but they can bring the door right before the surge and finally will be able to farm in peace :innocent:

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