Siptah isle PVE suggestion

So, managed to figure out some problem in PVE…

That is big problem in PVE servers , because on pvp and c u can hunt and kill down stealers, but in pve they basically sit and wait till surge summon and steals all knocked thralls out, so how to get rid of players like them… because u cant even kill them in pve but they can steal thralls

maybe its possible that - clan or player who summons surge are In pve but all zone around summoning place turns into PVP that allows to kill stealers? dunno but this now is one of biggest problems in PVE siptah


Hey NeoTheMatrix,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

If you want that kind of setup, why don’t you play on PvE-C server and what would stop them to grab your thrall and move out of the PvP area?

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PVE is player versus enviroment, so why the hell in PVE i got morons who play like pvp in PVE? that alsois for vaults, they should be locked when someone already open first door who is inside, otherwise what difference to play PVE if u actually play versus players who steall all stuff?? its pve setup not PVP then need to get some update that does not allow others to take thralls in PVE … pve is pve not pvp or pvp-c but because u cant kill them u cant even protect ur thralls or vault loot…

It is a multiplayer environment, so you can’t eliminate the troll factor. But again, I don’t think converting a PvE server into a PvE-C server when you already have PvE-C servers is the solution to this problem. Players have always been able to mess with you on PvE servers if they wanted to. So not sure what kind of protection the devs need to implement that people can’t abuse or bypass. The only thing in mind is if they implement some sort of thrall storage where you can store your knocked thralls until you are able to bring them home.

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Not converting in PVP or c, but just that nobody can steal from surges, exuse me i may farm those fuel too long to see how 4 morons sit and wait till i knowck out some thralls and and then basically run away and u can do nothing… atleast should take out that surge map marker in PVE that morons dont see wheere it happens…

and next is this


i hardly survived last boss when i see some moron run by and steal all last chest loot…

In pve in first pressure plate should lock the doors not when boss is killed… othervise that is not PVE but PVE-VM
player versus enviroment versus morons…

I feel your pain Neo. This is a big problem on my PVE server too. Other players stealing thralls & loot from dungeons. It’s not honorable but unfortunately these people exist.

With dungeons, perhaps it can be locked to the clan who enters first. This however will take away the aspect of joint adventures between different parties. Bad for solo players who like to team with others but not join the clan. Perhaps an alliance system could be created.

The thrall issue is a much harder one. If a thrall gets knocked out it becomes only catchable by that player or clan? Not sure if they could even do that. If a surge is summoned, everything that drops in the surge is locked to the clan or player that called it? Again, not so good for teaming.

Neo never asked for PVE to be turned into PVE-C. While this is a great expansion and I am really enjoying the content, there are alot of problems that need addressing, not defending.

He did ask for an option to kill other players on a PvE server.

I am not defending anything. I am saying that allowing people to kill each other on a PvE server will turn the PvE server into a PvE-C server. My suggestion was to:

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I think the problem here is that while the way surge and vault mechanics work is great for pvp, they create obvious greifing capabilities for dishonorable players.

These problems were easy to see coming from the first announcement of the map.

Simple solutions would be, like neo said, remove the surge icon for summoned surges on pve servers.
Not fool proof, but at least funcom arent making you broadcast a griefing opportunity.

Also it surely wouldn’t be hard to implement a specific key, obtained from the vault boss with a short timer, to unlock the sigil chest.
Again, not fool proof, but you’d have to be a very committed a-hole to pull that one off.

This is a great map, with an obvious pvp leaning and thats fine as its still good fun for pve.

Its just a shame that great pvp mechanics, create easy pve griefing opportunities.

It is only early access so there is still plenty of time to improve these systems for pve with out damaging pvp.

All that system should be reworked … its like on pve it is well its like PVP acutally but without killing, while one try to do other sits to steal… and each vault has something bad also, just now i got fatal error because of those illumination attacks… and again returned, someone already stealed all stuff… -.-

About that what i asked, i asked some protection to those who spawn surges in pve they have upper hand to protect them from stealers… because u cant do anything… just watch how they run away

This - easy way is to make vault close AFTER first pressure plate opens doors, not after when boss is killed vault close, the problem is that u fight to survive with boss while u see some moron basically watch jump on plate and press F on chest and take all looot…

Good ideas in this thread.

  • I like not advertising a summoned surge on PvE servers.
  • I like closing the vault after the first pressure plate to prevent others from “camping” your loot.

The summoned thralls, however… what if, on PvE servers they spawn as available only to the person who summoned them, but non-responsive to non-clan members? PvE only – that way its the clan vs the summoned thralls and they cannot be ‘taken’ or ‘stolen’ (or even ‘traded’ until they have been ‘trained’ on a wheel)? That would prevent PvP gameplay on PvE servers, yet keep the current mechanic which works well for PvP servers.


finnaly someone maked it more clear what i want :smiley:

As long as the vault closing happens only on PVE servers, and not PVE-C or PVP.

That sounds really complicated to implement. Maybe it would just be easier if the Ley Shrines had a mechanism that can be used only on pure PVE server, that erects a magical barrier around the shrine that nobody can go through until it’s deactivated.

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Dungeons should be instanced so each group gets their own version, and knocked out thralls can’t be touched by anyone other then the one that first aggroed them.

So far the solution is to play on an unofficial server with active admins that have rules against this type of griefing.

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