PVE servers need PVE tools to deal with thieves

Hello FC & people,

We have an issue with playing PVE Conan Exiles on PC. Our servers have some individuals stealing and ruining surges intentionally and since it’s PVE server we cannot really do anything.

Suggested changes to PVE Surges:

  • Make the altars and KO altars locked to the person who initiated the surge or his clan
  • Lock killed thrall inventories to the people initiating the surge or his clan
  • Surge to have a “bubble” around it, if other than the player who summoned or his clan are trying to pull thralls out of the area the thralls should despawn OR make sure that KOd thralls can only be pulled by the people initiated the surge or their clan.

This is PVE server, the rules and tools should be PVE centric. If my clan wants to summon a surge, we should be able to do it without fear of other players waltz in, steal out our elderium and essence, kill and loot our thralls and pull what they need. Technically, there’s absolutely nothing we can do at the moment if our server has gigantic a-holes who specifically come to steal everything we summon and our materials. This is not PVP, and people choose PVE specifically choose to be here for a reason. I’d like FC to make sure that the reason is not to harass other players while they stand idle by.

Suggestions regarding Vaults:

  • Vaults should be locked to the player entered them, immediately.
  • If someone else wants to go in a vault in progress, the person the vault is locked to should get a notification and he can either approve or keep the vault locked. Too many times we toiled through the mobs and bosses just to see some a-holes wizz next to us and steal out the final boxes…
  • As soon as the person the vault was locked to, exits the vault, he should get a 30m-2hr timer lockout. The vault should immediately reset along with all the chests and be made available to the next person. Too many times we went through the vault just to be greeted with an empty chest at the end.

I hope these make sense and will be considered. Thanks.


Hmmm. Hmmm… HMMMMM.

On the one hand you are right.

But on the other:
Why not enable PvP in the event of a surge and only around that leyshrine that triggered it? So you can kill the “a-holes” and prevent them to steal. That was the initial thought behind that mechanic by Funcom. To create “conflict situations”.

I mean on the old map the same could happen as well: you find a T4 thrall and another player just kills it.

Regarding the vaults:
It was the same with the old dungeons on the Exiled Lands. If you enable the vault lock, then it also get’s enabled on PvP servers, which will turn vaults into “safe zones” where you can run into and avoid death (because nobody can follow you). Should be a server setting then.

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The problem with that suggestion that this is an official PVE server. Not PVP, not PVE-C. People came here specifically not to have PVP conflict.

I understand the reason behind the mechanic, my problem is how PVE players were not taken into consideration when this was implemented. Official PVE players have nothing in their disposal to deal with this, and as you can imagine asking nicely doesn’t have an effect on people who intentionally try to ruin others gameplay.

We dealt with this by only doing surge when known thieves were not on the server, but that means 7am or 3am, neither one is ideal. I’m only asking FC to consider adding PVE tools and mechanics to PVE server and not just treat it as a discount PVP server.

Regarding vault locks: First off I’m not sure this needs to be game-wide. I’d be OK with enabling these suggestions for PVE servers only. If it can only be implemented as a game-wide suggestion, I don’t see people fleeing into vaults as a big problem. 1: They come out eventually with a lockout (as per the suggestion) 2: There’s other pray. If you are on PVP and missed your pray it’s not much different from your target reaching their own base or outpost while you pursue.

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I feel that a lot as well as a PvP player, when they introduce things specifically for PvE. Example: The PvP banners. They were placed on PvP servers for a while around your base, because they prevented explosive jar placement (aka you can’t raid that clan with bombs). Funcom had to disable those banners for PvP servers.

Vault locking could be a server option so Funcom can turn it on for PvE servers and turn it off on any other server type.

A lot people get killed in loading screens, because players camped certain dungeons or obelisks. This is already a problem on PvP servers. (basically since they introduced the obelisks)

With the exception that you can blow it up in raid times. A vault can’t be destroyed.

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