Stop allow building on surge areas - esp for pve servers!

On #6422 we have at leats two clans ( could be more) that locked surges with walls, gates and so on for their own.

And yes they know that there are surge areas…

On PVE you can´t do anything ( sure you can climb over the wall but you can´t get thralls outta here)

So this is ( insert insult here)…


Report them.

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I can confirm. Have just filed a report for one of the bases.

wilde surge or the big surge area?

Wild surges spawn T1 trash thralls, who cares? Run a single dungeon, or 1000 dungeons you get dozens. It’s garbage you wouldn’t think twice about killing in EL.

We care…

you can get t3 fighters, t3 dancers…

Yes you can summon the big surge, with a lower chance to get the thrall that you need… but that´s not the point

It is just rude to be an ( insert insult) to block others players from a surge

We have clans that block an cluster with their bases , three clans that block wild surges…

If everyone blockes a surge with their bases and nobody can do the surge so they will be there for ever…

this is crap

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i don´t think anything will happen so we need a solution for this * Problem*

Wild surges spawn T1 trash thralls, who cares?

Wild Surges on Testlive spawn T1-T3 crafting thralls, and T1 crafting thralls will make gear superior to no thrall when that patch drops. This is an issue now, but it’ll be a much more significant issue once the econ patch goes live.

Also, as others point out, having an isolated surge that can’t be cleared eliminates one of the wild surge slots until server reset. It’s a problem. To this latter part, there’s something to be said for the idea of wild surges having durations after which they despawn (1 or 2 storms?), but at the moment locking down a WS reduces the overall number available.

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Yeah the first thing I did was “secure” the closest Wild Surge spawn spot. That is, I built some “blockers” that sit flush with the terrain so no asshats will come and build fences and walls all over the spot.

Nobody on the server seems to appreciate it very much - I guess they don’t trust me to not eventually build it into an actual base or something - but I can’t see what they can do about it. If the area eventually becomes no-build that’s fine, it solves the problem too.

It’s unfortunate that you can’t just let it be, but by the time it becomes an actual problem, it’s too late to do anything.


Dude, each time you join a topic you bring hate and turn it dark.
I want to hug you and take you out for a beer!

No but it’s the same thing as people complaining on resource spawns or animal spawns, play private if you want a tailored map experience. If you join online you’re going to experience player altered conditions you don’t like.

Whit a system that is made to work on PVP servers and not work on PVE, some things needs to make it work.

You have an easier time producing regular surges on a PvE server by far. And either way you won’t fix the “issue” with a small no build zone because if some one really wants it that bad they’ll just build around it.

I for one do not favor restricting building in some of the best base areas on the map, which are at a premium already since half the map is basically in the maelstrom and already a no build zone. Other large portions are impractical. So, no, I do not support this idea at all.

What prevent the rest off the server come and kill and loot evrything on a PVE/PVE-C server?

Is thats what is called, I “secured” a whole valley + trails + pathways. People ask abit at first then saw what I did and did the same now. I mean some people build just anywhere, no logic or no insight with the terrain etc.

No, it’s not the same thing at all. And if you can’t tell the difference, you’re the type of player that causes us to have a problem in the first place.

Like I said:

As unobtrusively as possible. It’s not ideal but it’s the best option available if you want to make sure the area remains available to everyone. Several other spots had already been claimed by mega-builders, and could no longer be accessed except by them.

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No I did what you did, probably not explained it good enough. There are no pathways there now. You delete them afterwards.

Mine are flush.

I reported one on our PVE server, He just decayed…, I sent them a DM with screenshots. Wild surge all walled in with doors. Its now free.

And again we have another one that has done the same.

I don’t do that. It’s in bad taste, but it is going to happen, it’s not a no build zone, and some people are selfish. Neither you or I have any right dictating how a person builds or what they share as long as it’s not breaking TOS.

Or maybe don’t be a jerk when you’re using a shared, public space. You know, kinda like not dropping a deuce in the middle of a park.