Isle of Siptah - Surge Suggestion

We tested the Surge way more than 20 times with max 1k chaos used. In our opinion, we think that the outcome (T4 thralls, especially workers) is by far too low for the huge grind you have to do to actually get towards the 1k chaos. Especially on heavy pvp servers starting the surge makes you a big target on the map. For that risk the outcome is way to low. We had multiple surges with not a single t4 in it. Things like Alchemists and Smelters in Rank III have been ultra rare as well.

Also the fact that the wild surges, atleast from what we have seen, dont even spawn T2 Worker Thralls. This feature in itself is useless cause nobody will grind them for having a chance on getting t1. We think those wild surges should be a start for new players to get at least some useful thralls.

Our surgestion would be to give the Wild Surges a chance to spawn up to T3 (in rare cases) but T2 frequently so that especially new players dont have to go into the grind to summon a normal surge that will actually give them T2. Also the biggest surge should have a way better spawnrate of atleast T3 Thralls. Its not a great mechanic if you have to farm for hours to start a surge that might not even give you a single usefull T3 Thrall.

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100% agree. nearly impossible to get any crafting thralls


pls funcom there must be a hotfix for this asap!


Think that idea is pretty good because the grind for thralls feels endlessly and really wasted now… The basic idea of the surge is good, dont get me wrong. Just the rates are awful.


Agree with this so hard.


Agreed. The current implementation is very bad and it’s hard to believe this was thought to be acceptable by beta testers.


Agreed, even if it was 60% t1 30% t2 and 10% t3 would be a huge upgrade over 0% t2 workers from what I’ve seen after having done 30+ wild surges.


+1 on this. I haven’t seen a t4 spawn yet Summoned or wild.


Again? Man, I really, really dislike the RNG-dominated slot machine grind :frowning:

I hope they listen and adjust the spawn percentages.


I agree with the sugestion. But yesterday I found an alchemist t3 on a wild surge, maybe it was a bug, but there he was. I just kill’d it so nobody could have it anyway lol

Maybe have a partially guaranteed set of drops in a Wild Surge:

Six NPCs:

  • 1 T3 guaranteed (but random type - crafting or fighting/archer)
  • 1 T2 craft thrall
  • 1 T2 figher/archer
  • x3 random accompanying NPCs (T1 - T3)

If you wanna fight my guy, I’ll throw down.

We provided countless feedback posts on surge mechanics and debated it heavily. In the end the consensus was harder surges should yield more good thralls and easier surges should have less. Of the type, that’s just bad RNG if you can’t find a specific one.

The exiled lands are spoiled by thralls. You can stumble around and get a full empire of T4s in a few days of play. We wanted siptah to be harder.

For the record, I did personally suggest being more generous with T4s initially during my testing. But given you can farm up enough eldarium and essence to do this at will essentially, it’s not balanced to give them out like candy.


What makes you think the beta testers thought these rates were acceptable, let alone that they spoke with one unanimous voice? Just because testers advise a company to adjust something doesn’t mean the company will.

Sometimes it takes additional feedback (like this thread) to drive home that an issue isn’t the perception of just a handful of people, but that many are in agreement.


Further to this, as beta testers we can only give feedback for the devs to consider, at the end of the day it is not up to us to decide what should go and what should stay. However, a lot of mechanics have changed over the years based on feedback provided by the community which is also the point of this thread. Please stay on topic and provide constructive feedback.


I just don’t see any use for the wild surges if you can’t really find any worker thrall above t1 there tbh. The percentage shouldnt be that high but for now (if you don’t need a bearer or fighter) the annoying sound of it if it’s next to you is more reason to clear it than anything else. Really think it needs a small overhaul to be useful.

Grinding needs to be worth it.


On the upside when we first started our characters one of the wild surge spawned near a camp of bats, of course a fight ensued and then I snuck in and looted the bodies gaining some shiny new weapons I would have been waiting a while to create otherwise

Followers for lowbies, and source of souls to harvest for altars.

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The surge is something different but it needs more work. I’ve done a few of them now and I notice the crafters are all T1 and occasionally you may see a T3 bearer or fighter. The chance of having a T3 crafter spawn needs to be adjusted. Not everyone is going to be able to summon a surge right away so we are relying on these wild surges. Also the fact that they stand in one group is quite challenging for players especially those without fighters. Heck even the fighters that spawn get killed to them. Good concept but needs work.


I’m not sure where you got that info. Sounds either like a bug or a misunderstanding.

I’m in a clan on official PVE-C and the wild surges spawn T1-T3. I didn’t manage to snag a T3 archer because some noobs on horses killed him, but at least he spawned.

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He probably means the locked altars on PvE servers and any server where ContainersIgnoreOwnership=False. If you are in a clan and that setting is set to false, the shrines appear locked. It has been reported to Funcom and highlighted as a high priority issue.