Feedback: Most Powerful Surge Thrall Drop Rates Need Fixing

I have just finished my first round of testing on thrall drop rates. I have summoned, at least once, every ‘most powerful surge.’ Here’s what they summon:

Focus Altar - South = Yoggites (Darfari) and ostrich chicks
Focus Altar - Center = Jhebbal Sag (Desert Dogs) and Locust spawn pets (some Spider Eggs, too)
Focus Altar - East = Cultists (Lemurian) and no pets
Focus Altar - West = Relic Hunters (treasure seekers) and elephants/camels
Focus Altar - North = Aesir and sabertooth kittens
Focus Altar - Northeast = Aquilonian and gators

At this time, I have collected 10 T4 archers, 10 T4 fighters, over 100 pets (largely due to the locust overspawn bug, but still, lots of them), 10 T4 performers (entertainers), 5 T4 priests, but not one – yes, that’s right – not one T4 crafting thrall. No T4 carpenters, blacksmiths, alchemists, smelters, armorers, tanners, or cooks. Not one.

Now there have been some T3s, T2s, and T1s as crafters – but no T4. And that’s out of six “most powerful surges” with each having seven waves of thralls dropping on three separate platforms.

I would HIGHLY recommend increasing the chances for T4 crafter thrall drops, increasing the number of crafting thrall drops in general, and slightly decreasing some of the fighter/archer thrall drops. And if this is a PvE vs PvP issue, then make PvP servers drop more fighter/archer thralls and PvE servers drop more crafting thralls (with PvE-C the balance in the middle) – with an admin slider option as to how to set surge thrall drop rates.


I just did a west one and i did see a t4 carpenter. Also a dancer, 5 fighters and 5 archers.

Plus about a million t1’s. Seriously these guys shouldn’t even spawn at a summoning for the cost involved.

It certainly looks like crafter rates should be increased for PVE at least.


Well, that sucks. Big time.

Center also spawns Menagerie thralls. What’s that you ask? Animal keepers. So, you will try to weed them out as they spawn with lions, tigers and gorilla pets. It’s kind of like the pirates with hunter pets in the jungle all the way at the back of the old map.

The hp on the gorillas and lions is just insane at full blue chaos bars on the leyshrine.

They also spawned with bosses that had a “no stun” icon I believe on their nameplate. Menagerie Champion, I tried to knock that one out and it wasn’t possible. That was a let down.

Did 4 great surges and the results are:
1: ka’put the blacksmith
2: none
3: varia of the furnance
4: smelter ultran
all+ dancers, bearer, priests, fighters and archers.

It works fine. Surges should stay as they are. If you expect to get 8 crafters per surge might as well go single player and add them through admin console, as it’s the same thing.


To be honest, I am baffled that this hasn’t been fixed yet - it’s literally a variable and the entire forum has been pointing out the issue since Siptah launched. This isn’t some minor bug, it’s a complete failure of one of the core game mechanics and the entire focus of the new expansion’s core mechanic - leaving it broken for even a few days is wrong.


If I got that kind of result, I’d be happy, too. But so far I’ve done 7 great surges and only gotten 1 T4 cook (last night). That’s a ridiculous ratio and needs fixing.

That’s spending 50 Decaying Eldarium per great surge = 350 Decaying Eldarium
And that’s spending 20 Greater ??? essences per great surge = 140 Greater ??? essences

If we got one T4 per great surge, I’d be okay with that because at least you get one.


There was an update yesterday that fixed the spawn for t4. I’ve done 20 surges in admin mode and 0 crafters droped before the update. After yesterday update, the results are the ones I just posted above.
The issue you’re complaining about might have been adressed already.

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Patch notes mention nothing about tiered spawn rates.


You are either not a builder/ crafter or you just like to troll on the forums. That drop rate is extremely poor, I highly doubt anyone is asking to get 8 crafters per purge but least one guaranteed crafter should drop maybe 2. The amount of farming and risk it takes to summon a greater surge just to not get a t4 crafter is obscenely bad.


I played around with the T4 surges yesterday and I seem to get 1 T4 crafter on average per T4 surge. Might be a good rng day or something was changed.


It would be nice if there was at least one guaranteed T4 thrall per max surge. Doesn’t have to be a crafter, but you know, if you spent all the time and effort to get the max surge, a guarantee of having a T4 for your efforts would be pretty nice.

But it might be okay as it is, too. With this rapid patch cadence, it might be better to give each change some testing before demanding additional changes. :man_shrugging:


It would not be the first time that the team is doing fine tuning post patch without exactly documenting every screw they are adjusting. I think this happened the last three major updates I have observed here in the forums.

I’m sure, but given that this is literally the most prominent complaint and - as I said - effects literally the central mechanic of the Siptah expansion, one would expect they would make sure people knew they were addressing it.


@Bodin Where are the greater essences obtained ?

From the 3 skull storm bosses.

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I’ve tested it twice in Admin mode today. Jhebbal Sag Surge gave 1 T4 dancer and 1 T4 fighter and almost no T3 crafters, maybe 3-4 in all the waves total. Lemurians Surge gave 1 T4 blacksmith, MANY T4 archers (3 or even more) and a couple of T4 bearers. No remarkable quantities of T3 crafters as well, less than Jhebbal Sag. Lemurians gave better loot, some recipes and even 1 legendary weapon. Taking into account all the time I’d farm this Eldarium and ???'s… I think it still doesn’t worth it if I’ve been looking for thralls. Maybe for loot.


Anyone know how much you have to build in the Maelstrom to actually get those to spawn? Best I’ve gotten is Blood Defilers.

This is another one of my gripes… you have to build in the Maelstrom to lure out the larger rewards which costs tons of resources only to have the Maelstrom itself destroy your structure. It’s counter-intuitive, and the rewards for doing so isn’t even endgame gear and resources, but the most basic thrall upgrades which you should already have before you waste resources to challenge the Maelstrom.


No, they should not be “fixed.”

Siptah IS the fix for this game. Exiles map is ridiculously easy, in every single aspect. Getting full t4 thralls in one day is well within reach, as well as obtaining ALL the strong end game recipes. Siptah brings much needed adjustments and increased difficulty across the board.

I think you, and many others, just aren’t used to this game being more time consuming (to obtain end game things) and challenging. That’s partially the fault of Funcom making exiles so easy then suddenly bringing out a map that almost feels like a new game, with much added difficulty and time needed to complete content. Of course many people are going to complain.

I am HAPPY its taking people so long to get full t4 thralls, as well as other strong recipes that are a JOKE to get on Exiles map.

Instead of getting upset because things aren’t easy anymore, maybe take the time to appreciate the necessary changes made in the new map.


You do realize that there could be something between the two extremes, right? I mean, I completely agree that Exiled Lands are too easy – thralls, recipes, everything.

But that doesn’t mean it’s any more fun to grind eldarium and essence for hours on end only to get a surge that isn’t substantially better from a wild surge, which is what I’m reading here in this thread.