Why thrall drop rates should stay as it is

Having played Isle of Siptah since launch and having done all the content, from wild surges, vaults, farming maelstrom in different ways, having done lots of greater surges, in my opinion i think the drop rates for T4 should stay as it is.

I’ve seen the drop rates for crafters and taking a look at Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah, there are similarities on how progress is made. Knowing that T4 crafters have a 1% chance to drop from a surge, I do remember that the chances are the same to find a T4 crafter in New sagarth or Sepermeru.
Imagine you decide to go to Exiled Lands and have a go at one of the capitals to get a T4 crafter.
There is a good chance you’re going home empty handed.
For me it took a solid 5 runs to get something T4 to spawn from a capital city, and I have a strong feeling that surges are a direct recreation of that experience. And yes, there was competition back then as well, trying to find a crafter in a capital city along with other 6 people.
I remember this week, did 3 surges and for my last surge I felt it was the worst one I’ve had. yet, when I checked my wheel of pain, I saw it was full, 8 slots filled with T4 fighters, T2, T3 crafters which now have alot of value. For me, it was like making a single run of mounds of the dead and getting 2 cimmerian berserkers and a bunch of T2 and T3 crafters.
Maybe we’re mistaking the surge for a purge, when it’s supposed to be an exiled lands capital run instead. Maybe a 50 eldarium surge is the equivalent of running into a small darfari camp, because honestly, that’s how it feels right now.

Not far from the truth is the fact that T4 crafters are hard to get mainly because Isle of Siptah is barely a month old and everyone wants thralls.
The same happened with Exiled Lands when Capital Cities were a thing and there were 3-5 people camping the spawns. I’m sure that 6 months from now, surges won’t be as crowded as they are now and bases will be saturated with T4s.

Another point I want to get across is that Exiled Lands in early access was similar to Siptah when it first launched. Crafters were rare and most people had nothing but T1 in their benches. I remember seeing a pvp video from Conan Exiles early access where a player was raiding a base and he was picking T1 crafters from benches like a precious treasure.

My last point is that if you start on a fresh Exiled Lands server, not everyone is going to get their T4 crafters within the first week. Some bigger clans will get a full set of crafters. It’s the same for Isle of Siptah.
Maybe we shoudn’t complain about the drop rates, which are fine in my opinion. I’m more bothered by the fact that you have to farm alot of ??? and eldarium to get them started and every surge feels like an investment with no profit. But the farming issue seems less of a problem with the new stategies that have been developed so far.
There’s also the issue with having only 3 working leyshrines when Exiled Lands have 8 large areas/capitals to farm T4 and the fact that you can get T4 from small camps.
I just hope Funcom won’t cater to players who aren’t even trying to play the game and want instant gratification for sinking 3 hours a week into the game. It will become boring real fast and ruin the game for the rest of us.

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You can get full t4 thralls in one full day of playing on Exiles map, if you really wanted to. You can actually complete all the content in a day or two. If people don’t see the problem with that then I’m at a loss for words for you.

T4 thralls SHOULD be exceptionally hard to get, in which Siptah does justice. However, it DOES get boring and repetitive because the system revolves entirely around grinding for RNG, then repeating mindlessly.


You can’t get a full set of T4 crafters farming the capitals on exiled lands in a day, even if you’re playing in singleplayer.
You’ll be under leveled, undergeared and if you’re on a 40/40 fresh server, lots of people will compete with you for thralls.

Another topic about thrall spawnrate?

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That way we don’t have to repeat ourselves over and over again.


I wanted to make a highlighted comparison between getting T4s on exiled lands and Siptah and also make this topic more of a personal feedback.

T4 Thalls spawn rate SHOULD BE ADJUSTABLE. T3s’ spawn rate as well. You like more grinding to get more materials and more waiting until your T1s’ craft all you need to build your base? You are welcome, move this slider nearer to “T1” on your server or single-play to make it harder. I like less grinding and more building, but do not like admin-spawning all those building blocks - I’ll move this slider nearer to “T4” and will enjoy my SP just like you enjoy yours. Now there’s a bunch of @Multigun mods for vanilla - it’s convenient, I can choose the one I like. There is one @AlrenStorm mod for Summoned and Wild Surges. It’s much better for me than playing on default spawn rates, but he just has no time to support a bunch of such mods. And console players have no means to fine-tune this very important aspect of the game at all. One thing that I’d like to get from Funcom - this slider available when creating server/starting single play, that’s all. Then you’re free to choose servers which suit you better.


I’ve done it a million times solo on official pvp servers with varying player counts and full servers. Unless you have bad luck with some spawns, MAYBE 2 days to get all t4 thralls. Player level is pretty irrelevant, lol. Theres practically no such thing as thrall competition on the old map because its too big for 40 players, and theres plenty of t4 spawns around the map.

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I don’t play SP or private servers. I play the only servers that matter in serious discussions and thats officials. This post isnt talking about SP or private servers so why are you arguing for them… make another post about it.

That is an interesting statement. I have over 7300 hours played in the game. Most of it in private servers. I played a bit on Official servers but found that I didn’t enjoy the PVP servers because I am more of a builder than a fighter. So I went to PVE servers, Official, I liked that much more BUT you can only advance so far and build so much before you get bored. SO then I started looking for a private server that allowed for greater expansion of feats, building items, etc…
Playing on a modded server with “official settings” is really no different than an official server other than you have more to do. XP rate, thrall rate, etc all being set to the normal settings. On really popular private servers you can upwards of 70 ppl.
I don’t believe that an average player will see a full set of T4 thralls in a week or more, especially the named Mitra and Yog priests. I have camped for them for 4-5 days straight several hours a day with no one jumping the camps on me and have not gotten them.
I think it is fair to say the average player will have a full set of T4’s in about a month. Which is perfectly reasonable.


With the new testlive update this whole thread is pointless, thankfully, as i heavily disagreed with the OP :slight_smile:


Nevertheless thralls are still an important factor, also in the next update


Just been to the testlive. A T4 armorer can craft normal chestpiece with 336 armor and +2 stat.
Crafting an armor without thrall will result with a chestpiece that has 280 armor and +1 stat.
Crafters can still craft better armor and weapons and will increase crafting speed.
The material cost cut will be done by the new crafting benches alone, the garrison type.
This being said, crafters are still very important in endgame and as I said in the opening post, you can aquire T4 crafters just as fast as in Exiled Lands.

Because too many people disagree with him and palm522 in those other threads, so they have to leave and make their own to make it look like they’re not in the absolute minority.


There is a reason why people disagree, opening a new topic does n’t suddently change opinions


I saw alot of personal feedback topics opened and I wanted to give my opinion on one of the most debated topics right now. I also believe that replies should be short and on point and I felt that I want to go a little bit in depth with my view of things. It didn’t felt right to post my A4 size view as a reply.
You’re free to agree or disagree with anything you want.
But at least I bring arguments to my reasoning and I don’t speak for anyone except for myself.

Precisely because of that. Maybe if they keep creating new threads, the rest of us will give up explaining why we think they’re trying to screw us over :wink:

At any rate, it’s a bit of a moot point now that the economy update is on the horizon, but what the hell, I have time for pointless debates :smiley:

Not to put a too fine point on it, you’re either doing it wrong or you’re not comparing apples to apples.

You know what makes thralling in Exiled Lands easy? You can ride (or run) across the whole map and you’ll most likely get at least one T4 from somewhere. Sure, if you’re hunting for a specific T4 in a specific camp, then you’re gonna grind and grind and grind. But you have options.

The Siptah Way is “eff you, go grind the slot machine tokens and then pull the lever and hope nobody steals or destroys your winnings.”

Maybe that’s something PVP-specific. On PVE(-C) servers, if you’re not new to the game, you’ll get quite a few T4s within the first week.

Aren’t you guys tired of repeating the same bull over and over again? “Anyone who disagrees with my half-arsed analysis is an entitled whiner who wants instant gratification.” I mean, do you honestly think that a baseless insult to a whole bunch of players will somehow shore up your weak arguments? :laughing:


But it’s the internet. Isn’t that the whole point?


yes, maybe so, but there was not a topic dedicated to WHY they should not change it, and looking for the amount of responses, i think he hit the nail with it, otherwise i would have sink into the nothingness or noone would be paying attention to it. hot topic!

This, we use the better surges mod and I have to say I’m enjoying the thrill of the hunt more again with wild surges. I’d also like to see the option of turn off loosing sigils on death because screw grinding them over and over because my horse got stuck on a pebble or a tree (or something equally stupid)


I believe you have a setting for this in .ini.

Try with SigilPercentageToKeep=1.0