Siptah crafter thrall rate is ridiculous

I introduced my brother to Conan two days before Siptah launched. I’ve been playing the game alot, (way too much, covid fun), both on the exiled lands with my brother and on siptah in a larger clan. I’ve played on official servers on both these characters.

My exiled lands playthrough is just me and my brother, we now have a massive T3 castle, we have every single named thrall we could ever desire, and have completed every dungeon. My Siptah playthrough is myself in a clan of 5. I have played this character more than the other. We have zero named crafter thralls. We have spawned a ridiculous amount of calamity surges, and we’ve gained so far, a single named smelter -.-

I don’t understand why Funcom thinks this is a fun gameplay loop. You farm the same 3 mob types in the storm by cheesing them any way you can in this buggy mess of a game, then you spawn a worthless wave of minibosses, butcher them all, get nothing but misc recipes for random crap you don’t need or care about.

This entire game is structured around grinding, and through thrall acquisition limiting the length of that grind. Siptah makes this impossible. I shudder to think how you’re supposed to play this single player, do they just assume we admin spawn in thralls at this point?

Hotfix the random wild surges to spawn at least up to T3 crafters. The game currently is meaningless to play as there is no drive to acquire thralls as we’re talking hours of grinding ??? unstable for virtually no payoff.

Imagine paying 30 skeleton keys to open New Asagarth, and once open the whole server can enter, then reduce the crafter spawn even further and you have Siptah. Who in their right mind would think that’s fun.


And I think there needs to be a ‘re-think’ on the flow of the game.

I mean, people want to get T4 crafting thralls… but why? What does a T4 crafting thrall do that makes them desirable? Answer: certain recipes and efficiency at materials (time and number of resources).

Ok. So that’s good for what? What endgame content are T4 thralls used for? Answer: making T3 building pieces and near top armor/weapons (excludes legendaries)

Therefore, T4 thralls should be showing up BEFORE the crafting of T3 building pieces and near top level armor/weapons.

T3 building pieces show up at level 30
Legendary armor and weapons are accessible at level 60 (skeleton keys used on boss chests)

So at what point should a T4 thrall show up to help the players get to the “near” top level? (Epic Flawless equipment – not at legendary levels yet)

And that’s something I hope an “economy” revamp will help straighten out. Leveling progress seems skewed and the cost of items needs to be re-evaluated.


I wholeheartedly agree with what is pointed out in this thread.

The problem is not only with T4, but even basic T2. It’s borderline absurd that you are well into level 60 when you get your first crafter that actually provides a resource cost reduction.

I think T2 crafters should definitely spawn in wild surges, or even better… make wild surge random tier with a small chance for T3 and even smaller for T4.

The biggest bottleneck (by faaaaaaaaaaaaar) in summoning a surge is farming Swirling Chaos, this step is nearly absolutely off limits to a low level character and is (sadly) a hard requirement of getting even a T2 crafter.


Yeah that’s another thing, I guess I’m just so conditioned to these systems I don’t even stop to think how inane it is that I get legendary weapons in droves before I have chance at building repair kits or crafting my own equally powerful weapons and armor. The whole progression curve is out of whack.

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Yup, and you have no idea how toxic the gameplay becomes when you structure it like this. On all servers I’ve been to, there are several locations, filled with players, standing on inaccessible ledges firing poison cloud arrows, wiping out hundreds of storm monsters while afking. Lagging the entire server in a hopeless effort to spawn yet another calamity surge, for virtually no payoff.

The wild surges are utterly meaningless unless they at the very least spawn t2 thralls, if anything I’d have preferred some kind of super thrall spawning from the calamity surge, not the basic t3-4s needed to make crafting T3 bases an actual possibility outside the unceasing mindnumbing grind.


I came to the forums to bring up the same issue. I only started playing Conan Exiles about a week ago and currently only single player, but all the mentioned issues are exactly my major complains about Siptah.

Wild surges need a possibility for higher tier crafters. Maybe not named, but at least up to T3. I am now starting to get some legendaries (which I can’t even repair), have quite a big base, way more T3 Thralls and pets that I need but not a single Crafter above T1.

Calamity surges don’t seem to good at all except for getting pets and the Maelstrom rewards are ridiculously low.


I was hoping the steam update today would address this. Hope it is soon.


TLDR: Wild Surges need reasonable chance of t2 and slight chance of t3 crafter thralls (Maybe 90% T1 9% T2 1% T3?). I would keep tracking them down then. Right now I just ignore them as my benches are already full of T1s thanks. Surges need better chance of T3 and T4 crafters and followers and less un-knockoutababable (is that a word?) NPCs. Surges are like swimming through lava to get a single drop of water that turns out to be a hologram.

TroubledExile, I wholeheartedly agree, or would wholeheartedly agree if Funcom hadn’t just ripped my heart out and squashed the slimey thing under their boots. Ok, that may be a little over the top. But I just did my first “tier 1” Surge at a Leyshrine. I’d done one with no Swirling Chaos before and didn’t think it was too bad. Just not rewarding in the least. But at least I could now see how it all worked. Tonight a clanmate and I did the 250 Surge and I will not bother again. Way too much grinding to get there, tediously long, frustrating battles, lost two level 10 Tier 3 fighter thralls and eventually scraped up a sickly looking t2 Armourer and a malnourished t2 smelter with a lazy eye and BO (which I had to drop about 4 times to get away from the frickin Bisons - there is no escaping those things, they all must die). What fun. Not. Why bother? I love that it’s harder to get higher tier thralls. It’s great, I mean it. You have “Made T1 Thralls Great Again” (puke). But this is ridiculous. It’s good that I was level 60 before I even put a thrall in the wheel. I’ve never bothered with t1 thralls before (except maybe smelters, can never get enough smelters, gimme all the smelters). And I honestly like that they are meaningful in Siptah - for a while. But the jump from t1 to t2 crafters is just not worth making. So now I’m a level 138 (thanks Kerozard and Multigun!) bum with crappy “unexceptional” Epic armour and no prospects. As for t3 crafters, which I guess spawn with the 500 or 750 Surge? No way will I try those Surges, what’s the point? Not with what a pain in the ■■■ the 250 Surge was, and the Unstable ??? (why the question marks? Please use a word, Funcom, the ??? is just annoying) grind: kill same 3 demons for half an hour, rinse, repeat. Kinda sucks all the fun out of the map for me, because the grind for t3 building mats is just crap with t1 thralls. There’s just WAY too much grind for utterly crap rewards. And this from someone who leaves harvesting at x1 or x2 and hates anything x4 or up - I love the grind! You cured me though!! :smiley: Deflating experience. Hope you fix it soon Funcom, because I was loving most of Siptah until tonight and am now thinking of playing another game for the first time in MONTHS.


I’d go with a (tiny - 1-2% maybe) chance at T2, no chance at T3/T4. T2 is where things really change in a lot of cases, whereas T1s don’t really change things all that much.

What I’d really like is for the economy changes to also accommodate solo players somehow - rather than being tuned only for groups.

Things like gathering ???'s take forever for a solo player - and to make matters worse, rewards are often impossible to utilize, as you’ll have a long run to your wheel.

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That would just make them not worth doing at all. May as well ignore them completely because the only place you’re going to get anything worth putting on the wheel is the leyshrines.

A decent chance at T2 and T3 is the way to go. Maybe even a very small chance at a T4. That would make them worth hunting down.


I agree. One thing haven’t seen mentioned is that delving for the new armor is fairly pointless without one of these absurdly hard to get armorer thralls. I can (and did) spend a lot of Eldarium delving for and then creating a regular Vicious set. And it has +5 strength on it and thats it, just like other armor I could have crafted without going on multiple dungeon runs for the Eldarium.

For solo play, what is the point of even having this? I’m not going to farm hundreds of mobs for a small chance of getting one of these armorers. Its just not worth it to me.

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Totally agree With Glurin here. Wild surges should spawn regular t1, seldom t2, rare t3, very rare t4. Summoned surges should scale up to t5(purge crafters) to make them worth while and guarantee at least 1 t4. Make Eld mor accessible or rework the delving bench. Fix the empty chests in vaults and adjust the ???, farming and glitching and you have a worthwhile game

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