Siptah is a disappointment and without longevity

I’ve put a lot of time in Conan Exiles (over 770 hours). I love the game, and was excited for Siptah. On landing, we were stoked. It’s beautiful (until the Maelstrom happens and then even with gamma maxed out you can’t really see anything), some unique mobs, there exist mobs that are hard to kill at low level and even in initial lvl 60 gear. The first time in a vault is terrifying and exciting. Flotsam pieces are cool looking. But it all wore off quick, and we find ourselves bored and unmotivated after barely two weeks in.

Vaults are all essentially the same. Ya there are some cool differences, the first time…but constantly having to go to far out vaults to find them done already (frustrating), and having to run them a million times, it’s not fun anymore. And with gear, it’s not even hard, so the fun really wears off. It feels like another chore to do.

We have no motivation to build T3. First, 1/3 of the island is unbuildable because of the maelstrom (some the most beautiful/unique parts too). So we’re all literally building on top of each other. Second, why waste the time to build T3? There’s no defensive reason on a PVE server. We were excited because we thought T3 would let us build in the Maelstrom. We were gearing up thralls, pets, leveling them, designing a defensive base, to find out: Nope, funcom doesn’t want you build in there. WTF?

And then thrall hunting…this is literally what we spend most of our time doing in Exiled Lands. It takes a lot of effort, preparation and sneaking through the large scary towns to hunt down the best thralls (admittedly much easier once you have end gear and thralls equally decked out). Now, it’s boring. Run portal to portal, little pay out. “Farm for a surge” Ya, no. For the amount of grinding necessary to farm for T3 or T4 surge (with little pay out from the grind), I could just grind all the mats for my T3 building and probably still save myself time and effort…not to mention, I have zero reason to build T3, and the gear I have is good enough.

We found out there were some caves, they were a let down. Went looking for recipes…aren’t any really. Just languages, which currently don’t serve any real purpose. I realize this is early access, so we’re taking off for now and hoping to find it much improved by release.


Isle of Siptah is in early access. Things will change based on player feedback.

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I actually think it has more long term end game loop potential than Exiled Lands especially if the purge mechanic never gets any elaboration or they don’t come up with a living settlement DLC. The gameplay loops have a lot of potential and this is just early access. I expect in 6 months it will look really good. Here is hoping.

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I really hope you’re right (that it will change and get better).

Yeah, I hope you’re right, too.

I’m with the OP on this one. New map looked great to start out with (really cool looking new monster skins with the same animations – very nice industry ‘trick’ that I think worked well)… but from a PvE perspective, it has been disappointing. And even if one plays in single player to turn off the Maelstrom build restrictions and monster damage, its still a constant roaring storm inside your base for a good portion of your playtime. They couldn’t fix the rain that got into your base in the Highlands and the Jungle, so I doubt they could fix the storm inside your base either.


  • Very nice map with scattered resources (mostly).
  • I liked the vaults, but not the repetitive grind (except the visual ‘bloom’ bug)
  • Flotsom pieces were a nice stylist effect (and thank you for the T1 large gate piece)
  • The armors looked interesting, too


  • No PvE reason to build T3 (except for aesthetics)
  • One third of the map is ‘unbuildable’
  • Caves are nice for starter bases, but not for any serious base-building (way too shallow)
  • Darkness shrouds the beauty of the new map for long periods of gameplay (even when not in the storm)
  • Thrall hunting grind is rather futile (farm the Maelstrom monsters, farm the vaults, get little in return)
  • – and since you don’t need T3 in PvE, we don’t need T4 crafters and really don’t need many T4 fighters, archers, or anything else

And what’s the PvE point of all this? What is the final, end-goal even if you build a huge, T3 base with lots of T4 thralls? Are there regions of the Siptah island map to conquer and claim so that one day you can “dominate” the entire island? Is there some master T5 NPC to overthrow or conquer (a “Thulsa Doom” on Siptah who is in charge of the Dark Tower)? No, all we have is an endless grind mechanic to serve PvP interests.

So yes, I really hope Siptah gets some good improvements over the next few months before ‘official’ release. In the meantime, I think I’m going back to the Exiled Lands. At least, it sort of has a Purge mechanic (broke, but better than the nothingness of Siptah).


I loved the look and freshness of Siptah when it first hit but it does now feel like a constant grind for no real end goal. Yesterday I found myself missing the exiled lands


Just echoing what has been said, I like the new map as a map, but the mechanics are a mess the progression is not curved and has no point to it, by the time yu get the t4 crafters/fighters you basically don’t need them, they make it a little easier to then… get them again, it has some stuff i really do like and some stuff I think is breathtaking to look at, some of the views on the west of the map in particular are breathtaking, but even as a no lifer pve’er after hammering it sinnce launch there just is no reason to keep at it in its current build.

I had heard a patch is coming this October so going to wait until that, as i don’t want to basically quit until a few months down the line, i’d like to play for the next x amount of months ^^


I’ve got a feeling that they will address the Thrall drops in the surges with this. Apparently there is a mod to correct what is a clear error in some of the tables.

A drop this week or next of a major update would be nice.

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too late crowed moved on, hype is over

I think the main problem with the new map Siptah is that players were waiting for a new map (like the old one) with npc towns, biomes, dungeons, obelisks, etc … Like in Rust or Ark, simply a new map!

And this is not the case, Siptah is not conan. Small map, no biomes, no npc towns, stupid way to get thralls by forcing players to complete dungeons to get some sort of crystal first.

Players will try this to discover, but will be back to the exiles lands fast :slight_smile:


We put this mod in yesterday and have to say I’m liking it

Guys, this isn’t the finished product. In fact it’s pretty much just the groundwork. They gave us the main play area and basic systems they are going for. The time it takes to iron those out is Early Access. The rest comes after the official launch. In fact the game itself says as much in the journal. The last entry is “enter the tower (this content will unlock after launch)”

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