Isle of Siptah -review-

The new map is fun, interesting, and offers alot of fun activities.

It is 50% smaller than the original, and 50% of the map is covered in the mealstorm. which allows you about 25% buildable locations. making a West and an East side type of game.
Awesome. i understand what youre trying to do.

However, this map is not able to self sustain it self, as Alphas have the power to wipe anyone off the server, within a day. finding bases take no time at all. and give no challenge. With that said, because of the problem of it being small, the only way to make this map playable. is either.
Weekend raids, so people can build up, get ready to raid, or defend their bases.
Monthly wipes, so people dont need to worry about who is on top, and dupes, and exploits, and land claim, and spam, and keeping recipes rare, and and and. this list is endless.

Applying either or both of these, will keep the game fresh, new, and i for one LOVED the fresh new day that was this map, everyone was rushing around, and fights were on edge.

Only a thought. im(and many others) getting bored personally.


A shorter review:

My friends and I played the new map for two and a half days, concluded “Oooooh, this is a PVP map!” We then went back to Exiles and never played it again.

At least if it was marketed as a large PVP battleground–which it clearly is–it would have been fine. We wouldn’t have wasted our time.

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Yes it is a PvP map, however with the flaw that it has, it hurts PvP in general.

Aren’t the Vaults basically PvE content? I mean, sure, they make for interesting PvP battlegrounds, but the point, I believe, is to kick in doors, slay monsters, grab loot and go home. I haven’t played on Siptah yet, but the Vaults were marketed as a major element of the island map.

Well its boring after a couple of weeks, after you have did the vaults a few times boring. Yes they should have stated right from the start this is not for our whole community its for PVP and the rest of use would not have wasted our money on it.

You know its funny no npc camps, no npc other then they fall out of the sky yea right ok. Fallout 76 tried the no people angle and it almost ruined them , they had to go back and add npcs to try and bring back their player base.

I was disappointed in Siptah, its small , it has no npcs, its filled with these vaults that it makes no sense even why they are there, the lore is all over the place, none of it fits together and you sure do not get enough to make it make sense. The RNG well that is just so broken. You wear a bracelet with no wall , why???

That noise over head just ruins any fun the map might be it. The surge covers most of the middle of the map making it a much smaller place to build, like the size of half the jungle on one side and half on the other with banging noise over head even when the storm is not going on.

It was fun to go in and do the vaults a couple of times, but they do not work , for the first month you could not even go in the under water ones, they were so broken. Still monsters do not respawn when vaults reset, loot sometimes is not even in the boss rooms. PVP map is what they sold us and while making it they broke even more things on the base game. Disappointed in the new map and more disappointed I brought it but I was hopeful.

They increased the leveling you are level 60 in 3 or 4 hours, that is boring no time to use the great lower tier weapons and armor. On my private server I went back to the base map, I dropped it to 0.2 the amount of xp given from every thing that you can change , 2 weeks of steady playing and I am level 30, it was exciting to get there and be able to get steel tools, finally can harvest aloe and fiber a bit faster. I have worn armor I never did in my other plays though as was past them being useful so fast.

So I think Siptah was fun for a week or two but for long term back to the exiles lands for me and my crew. For me its a shame they did not put more in to the Conan world instead of making a preconan map but each to their own I guess.

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That’s kinda like saying: “Isn’t McDonalds a fresh fruit gorcier–I mean they have that fruit cup.”

Okay, I’ll bite. Which parts of Siptah are exclusively PvP? I believe there are places to build (PvEers build bases too), fight NPCs (I have understood that there are plenty of opportunities to fight various monsters etc.) and grind materials to summon surges.

Seriously, your “shorter review” lacks the explanation why you concluded that the map is a PvP map. As I haven’t played on Siptah yet (I’m waiting for full release), please tell me why you think it’s a PvP map, and how it’s different from Exiled Lands in that regard.

Also, as Sherlock Holmes said, “It is a capital mistake to speculate without all the evidence. It biases the judgement.” Funcom is still in the process of adding featurs to Siptah before it’s considered complete for full release. Feedback regarding its features, or lack thereof, or the apparent emphasis put on certain aspects of the game, are quite welcome and useful at this point. Simply complaining that it’s not what you wanted and going away is hardly a constructive way to help Funcom develop their product.

Thrall summoning for one. You have to use your resources to force a spawn and then sit there, while its visible for everyone

So you have everyone in the server aware of your position and intentions, while you also still have to knock said thralls and take them to your home.

First this is awful because it gives complete advantage to the attacker (those walls are useless), being it time, visibility and intentions (attackers want to kill the surge owner, while the surge owner needs to get their thralls worth of ???).

Who would have a better chance of getting thralls here, alphas or smaller clans? Alphas. Which makes the disparity of thralls even greater.

Wait what? Can’t you summon thralls on PvE servers or Single Player?

@Kapoteeni I’ll give it a go (would still like to hear from mconn02, however) - I normally argue the other side of this, but I think I can at least make some points on why people might feel Siptah is PVP oriented. (To be clear, I don’t think Siptah is a ‘PVP map’, but I can see some elements that might lead to that impression.)

‘Qualifications’ - I’ve played about 40 ish hours of Siptah (enough to reach level 60 but not enough to have been everywhere or done everything) - I’m now back to playing Exiled Lands, but I knew going in that was probable, just wanted to get an early sense with the intention of playing it ‘properly’ once it has had time to become more ‘complete’.

First possible reason - apparently Funcom ‘said’ it was/would be a PVP map - I can’t find direct evidence for this, and suspect it may have been misunderstanding - but that ‘information’ is out in the player base and will colour people’s opinions. (I know that Funcom did say at some point that they planned to make Siptah ‘more singleplayer/solo friendly’ - which implies that may not have been a major consideration during the initial design process. It suggests intention was ‘group-oriented’ rather than ‘PVP-oriented’, but may serve to reinforce that impression nonetheless.)

Second - Funcom did specifically mention intention of using ‘choke points’ as a way to encourage PVP (this doesn’t appear to be very successful - witness all the PVP complaints about ‘vault-camping’ - but PVE players don’t experience whether it was good for PVP, just whether it was intended for PVP…). In my personal experience, an effect of this was that it makes the map somewhat annoying to explore as it frequently seems to force you on long detours around cliffs in order to funnel players through some of the physical chokepoints. It has also had the effect of introducing a PVP element to pure PVE servers as summoned surges can be stolen from or griefed (I assume the ‘summoned surge markers’ were intended as another ‘choke point’ of sorts - again, not actually good for PVP, by the sound of things, but potential evidence of intent).

Third - the PVE endgame ‘loop’ leads nowhere - build power to take risks to get the best thralls to build more power to…what? This seems like a loop aimed at PVP - because ‘fight the toughest threats on the island in order to get the best thralls’ only makes sense if there is then a further threat to face - if you’ve already ‘defeated’ the maelstrom without these thralls what (in PVE) would you need these thralls for? My assumption is that this PVE aspect is currently unfinished - there is a strong implication that the Tower will probably be the endgame (though people may on some level be viewing that like the Mummy of the Ring - once bitten twice shy) - but while this remains the current loop, it appears to suggest a PVP intent.

That’s about all I’ve got for now (unless I come up with something else…) best I could come up with right now. Like I say, hopefully mconn02 (or someone else) can come up with some stronger arguments - but I feel I’ve at least offered some ideas on why some players may feel that Siptah is a ‘PVP map’.


Thats not what i mean, probably got your question wrong. That was for something like “is the map PVP oriented?”

Looks like people are not understanding some others points, on PvP.

Ill add, PvE in this map is made to funnel groups and players. hot spots such as these are great for finding other players. which in turn creates opportunities for PvP. The map clrearly has elements of PvE as all games do, same as a knife has an edge and be be used for cutting meat and vegi. it is the choice of the user for which it is used.
But unlike the old map, with it being smaller and two sided, with mealstorm to bring people to the center. these funnels dont exist in the old map.
the only hot spots are Brimstone , and some dungeons. which really just started with the way maker. all other dungeons were a joke. and the only reason the way maker is important is because people farm the weapons (yog) and armor pcs. POI, are always places that bring people together, what you do there is up to you.

Yes, my question was “which parts of Siptah are exclusively PvP?” That is, features that cannot be utilized by PvEers. Not “features that are more useful for PvPers” or “features that encourage PvPers to grief other players”.

As far as I understand, PvP battle arena maps have little in the way of features that don’t exist for murdering other players or defending against being murdered by other players. But as I said, Siptah has vaults, boss monsters, places to build, etc. Even though these produce resources that can be used for murdering other players, they’re also content that PvEers tend to enjoy as they are.

That said, it’s a fair point to note that some features exist that make PvE life more difficult because the intent was to force more active PvP. Even if it doesn’t quite succeed in its intended role.

The PvE endgame is unfinished. As has been discussed elsewhere, there’s currently no “escape” from the island like there is from the Exiled Lands. I believe the plan is to add this when Siptah is fully released. Something to keep in mind when writing reviews is taking into account that the product is still in Early Access, ie. not complete.

This map is not made for long term PVP. This map is a “battle royal”, the first which dominates the center of the island and its resources has won. For the PVP you want, you have to stay in the Lands of Exiles (ditto for PVE players).

For me who am a PVE player, I found this map very boring after only a few hours and I quickly left it (in short, very disappointed with IoS)

I know, that’s why I made exactly that statement 4 lines below the bit you quoted -

My argument there was that it is another aspect (because it is unfinished) that can give some players the impression that the map is a ‘PVP map’. It doesn’t matter if they are correct in that impression, or if the features actually work for PVP, I was just trying to find whatever arguments I can as to why people might think of the map that way. (While avoiding the claim I’ve seen made a few times that ‘people think Siptah is a PVP map because the middle is a circle’ - which basically comes down to accusing PVE players of stupidity - there are reasons why many people ‘think’ of Siptah as a PVP map, I just tried to suggest a few.)

Siptah is a PVP map, it’s so obvious (all the resources are available from the start to rush at level 60 and then fight in the center of the map).

vault are pvp, if server is alive and lot of people, you will have 75% probabilty to meet an another player and by the way be killed by another player when you try to do a vault. vault are a rare ressource, there is a cooldown effect that close it for 1-2h, so everybody fight to get the loot of vault first.

More land will come!

Please try to understand what I’m asking. If I’m playing on a PvE server, or Single-Player - I can still play the Vaults, right? No PvPer is going to crash my Single-Player game to murder me in a Vault, and I can still play through the vault. Am I correct?

Just because a feature encourages PvP on a PvP server doesn’t make it PvP content.

. i was confirming that yes all gameplay of siptah is done for pvp, vault when you play online you have to fight for, surge, when you do everybody know it and so they will attack you. now yes if you play solo offline, you will not have problem on siptah, but siptah have been clearly done by funcom for pvp, as all game mechanic is done for pvp. now if you think only to you who is playing offline, well play alone, but all others people don’t do.