Isle of Siptah -review-


Just out of curiosity, what would PVP-only content look like in Conan Exiles?

Don’t get me wrong, I get what you’re saying, and I agree that people shouldn’t call Siptah a “PVP map”, but rather a “map designed to encourage conflict”. Even though most of us understand that the former is just a shorthand for the latter, there will still be those who will turn away because they heard “Siptah is a PVP map”.


How about we change the thought pattern.

PvP and PvE clearly isnt good enough to compare or understand our point.

SO instead, how often do you find our self in a COMBAT stat build then a FARMING stat build?

In the island you will be in Combat stat more than you will be in a Farming stat. therefore it is a Combat MAP. more than a farming map.

This doesnt mean you cant have a Farming stat with a thrall. do all the work for you. but even with a thrall, it would take forever to farm most of these locations.

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