Named Crafting Thralls on Siptah

Hi everyone this is my first post be gentle :stuck_out_tongue: Been playing the island since day one, I have run the Surge 5 times at the highest level 500 unstables used per surge. The North, North East and Center, not one named crafting thrall got several named fighters, archpriests & dancer but only lvl 3 crafting thralls. Where are all the named crafting thralls? after 2500 unstables I got nothing really to show for all that work. Here`s an idea, a game based around thralls should have thralls available especially when you run the highest level surge, I mean where if not there would you get them?? They are not available to be had. 2 weeks + playing not a single named thrall, so I cant make flawless anything & cost of building T3 or making bombs is stupid every base I see is T2 still because no one has named blacksmiths. I don’t understand the logic of keeping game items so costly, not available and out of the player’s hands for what? its a video game its supposed to be fun, running max surge x5 & speding days farming for it and not a single named crafting thrall being spawned is not FUN! the more stuff in game makes for more conflict, Funcom wants people to battle right so why not give them the tools to do so? IDEA: level one should be lvl 1 thralls(50 eldarium), level two should be lvl 2 thralls(100 unstables), level 3 should drop lvl 3 thralls(200 unstables), and max surge(500 unstables OMG) should be all named thralls period why I see lvl 1 thralls in a max surge, makes no sense!
Thank you for you time and I would love to hear what you think about named thralls on Siptah. :grinning: :ok_hand: :love_you_gesture:


Either the drop table is broke and they have not hot fixed this OR this is by design and they are perhaps considering a change. Either way it needs to be adjusted or a slider put in for server settings. Early Access and all so this will get fixed is my bet.


Maybe instead of farming ???? farm resources if you want T3 base so much? We built few T3 bases already, and best we have are T1 workers lmao.


Yeah as much as it seems nigh impossible to get T4 crafters on Siptah barring amazing luck and/or an unhealthy amount of playtime invested, the fact remains that there’s very few things you can’t do without them. Basically you’re locked out of the best armor, but at least at present there’s very little you need that for, at least PvE-wise.

It’s mainly an issue because many of us have been spoiled by the easy life in the Exiled Lands (!) where you can reliably acquire T4 crafters on day one.

Personally I’m going to wait and see what, if anything, they’re planning to change in regards to acquiring thralls, because the current system just isn’t worth it - you’re better off just farming the additional materials for whatever you want to build/craft. Sure it takes longer, but just leave it cooking overnight while offline and you’re good.


But thats the thing isn’t it, its so hard and long to get them by the time you do, do you really need them? It just makes the cycle easier, sure I want thema nd I am still trying t get them, but I don’t ‘need’ them so it makes the whole process a bit ■■■■ backwards.


As mentioned in the last stream, the economy update will roll in this month.
They did say in the stream that more horizontal progression will be added to the game.
I can only speculate and hope it will affect crafting recipes and possibly how we aquire thralls.


A bigger update this month? Thats great news, any eta?

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Somewhere in October, but there’s always the possibility of a delay.


That is exactly how I feel about it.

Do I need T4 crafters? No. I can do everything I need to do. It just takes longer, but even T2s would cut down material costs and time significantly, and T3s would provide a very nice boost to capabilities. Exquisite-grade gear is good stuff, and more than I need to succeed in the game.

Do I want T4 crafters? Of course, but more than that, I miss the hunt for them. Thralling was, hands down, my favorite thing to do in game. “Thralling will provide” is a good summary of the Exiled Lands gameplay loop. It gives crafted items, rare ingredients, and access to better gear all in one.

More importantly to me, it is just fun. The moment of anticipation when I first see the camp spot for the thrall I’m currently hunting makes me want to keep playing, and the moment when I actually see the thrall I’m looking for seals the deal to keep me coming back for more. There’s no “grind,” there’s just the excitement of the hunt. I miss that.


The ratio needs changing, maybe balance the engagement with the maelstrom so it’s not so overwhelming, only require 300 swirling chaos’ to max out the shrine and the spawn rate for named or t4 thralls should be way higher when the shrine is maxed.

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I must have made a hundred trips down newb river looking for old Grrr. I think they should add some Elder Fortresses that you have to fight your way into to “free” captured humans and turn them into Thralls. You can build the things with the construction system as it is. Have them garrisoned by Elder Thing creatures. Sort of like freeing the sacrifce captives in the Sunken City but a bigger fight.


That would make it better, but it still feels like a slot machine. If I wanted to play slots, I’d play slots. I (used to) play Conan because I like thralling.


i don’t know if they can add another way to get thralls or better compensation for the amount of farmin required, but imo, t4 should be as rare as they are now and that shouldn’t change.


Yep, I agree. You guys want people to play this map? The progression needs to line up with the Exiled Lands a whole lot better.


I have a T3 base over 10k blocks and only had a T1 blacksmith for most of it that`s the point why?


I see this rebuttal a lot. It sounds reasonable under the carefully guided context in which it sits.

Do i need weapons? No… i can just use NPC’s could also be argued as a way to solve the weapon problem if you really want to break the game down to its atomic feature sets.

The problem with these lofty rebuttals is you remove the entirity of the game progression from the conversation.

Do you need t4 thralls no… do you want game progression , equally no. Fine… enjoy the game and have fun at the end-game adoption lifecycles.

However, players who have hit that end-game adoption lifecycle do want the T4s… they’ve earned that right, they’ve played the hours, figured out the right balance and invested. They deserve the progression outcome, removing that from them because “good enough” is the answer.

Well… as they say - the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

Rather than downplaying the T4 progression with statements like this, own it. Do we need them no, much like we don’t need weapons… but can i have them…in fact you make them more important to me than not having the alternative.

As a gamer, thats all i ask…


Anyone who has ever had to mass produce things, either for quick builds, quick rebuilds, or for wars, needs T4 thralls. If you say you dont need them, its obvious youve never been in a situation where you need to get things done quick.

Were on about our 7th or 8th max level surge on an official. We have 2 named crafter thralls. To be honest, is 100% broken considering how long it takes to farm the unstable (assuming you dont cheese it). If they fix the cheesing, and people have to actually kill the mobs normally, they need massive fixes. Either drop the amount for max level and leave the horrible RNG on thralls, or leave the amounts alone and up the rate to a minimum of 1 named crafter per surge.

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I don’t like the current thrall acquisition system and want to go back to thralling because I like acquiring T4 thralls without a grind. So, I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with, since you want T4 thralls too. And there’s nothing “lofty” about the truth: this game is easy in PVE and no one needs T4 thralls to succeed.

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Success is individual.
I wanna collect stuff, I want to be able to make all the weapons etc. I dont mind that collecting the recipes will take a while but the fact I need to grind for a chance to even use the recipes makes it booooooring, also, you can collect recipes whenever you want. The storm is only there sometimes. Some people have limited time