Feedback: Most Powerful Surge Thrall Drop Rates Need Fixing

How are you people even getting enough eldarium to do these greater surges? The amount of farming I need to do to get 350 eldarium would take me several days of game play, and I play this game more than I really should.


Thanks! You exactly got it. I’m glad there is someone always proofing that some people in the Conan community still got an IQ above 50 :slight_smile:

Everyone who is complaining about the best surge being too bad doesn’t want a exile lands 2.0 at least most of the people. We get and want that the principle of siptah is different.

But I did around 6 most powerful surges on my official so far and I got: named fighters, a dancer and a carpenter. That’s… disappointing. Just improve the rates or chances or however you wanna call it slightly. I don’t want to grind 20/30 most powerful surges to potentially got 38183819 fighters but no crafter thralls. It definitely needs some balancing.

I feel like the second powerful surge gave me at least 5 t3 thralls which helped me more than all the most powerful surges I did. That shouldn’t be the case. Especially if you’re not abusing the maelstrom and farm the chaos on a normal way. Just too much grind.


You only need 50 eldarium to summon a surge. The essences for swirling chaos are the things you heavily need to grind for by killing the mobs in the maelstrom


It increases difficulty for solo players only. If you’re in a clan you get those ??? with ease because some of you can farm the storm non-stop and others go to the vaults. Vaults are not instanced, don’t forget it, so Eldarium will be a great problem as well if you play on some server where some active clan farms them. It’s necessary for Delving Benches and for Convergence Traps as well. Today I’ve ran through one of the Vaults in Admin mode killing on sight and got SEVENTY TWO Decaying Eldaruims, that’s all.


I think im ok with the t4 crafter rates being low, maybe not this low, but the lesser??? And unstable??? Need to be upped in how much chaos they produce.
Maybe 20 for lesser and 10 for unstable. Or 10 & 5.

2 & 1 is just too low. Having to kill 750 + eldrich horrors to do a t4 surge that may, if your lucky, have a t4 in it is way too much grind.


He has terribly bad luck, that’s all. It’s VERY common to see at least a few t4 crafting thralls from a max surge. Armorers seem to be especially rare and I’m glad for it. New Siptah armors have +15 MINIMUM stats as opposed to standard 5… You want that power difference to just be a few hour or a few day grind? 2 weeks or more is very reasonable to me, depending how much you play and # of clan members.

If Exiles was never released and all we had was Siptah, far less people would be complaining, and that’s an absolute fact. They are just too used to the easiness of how Conan always was since its conception, and did not change since until Siptah.

Ark is FAR more grindy than Conan can ever dream to be, but it’s always been that way so people don’t complain.

I wouldn’t call Siptah an extreme at all, this is how the game should have always been.

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a 1000 , should involve at least 1 crafter thrall , at least one,.

i can confrim did 6 sureges on lemurians, and from 6 i only got 1 crafter , and a ridiculous amount of fighter/ archers


there are multiple t4s spawning but all are fighters or dancer , archers and in some cases priests/bearers, crafter is the issue, and yes they should reduce the ammount of arcehrs/fighters but increase the t4 crafters,.


Nice post. I 100% agree. They’ve turned it into a job. THIS IS A GAME FUNCOM, A GAME, THAT I PLAY FOR FUN.

What is fun about all this grind??? What were you guys thinking???

7 waves of guys at 15 guys per wave means I have to kill 105 guys per leyshrine summon… WTH???

As you say, it is a real chore, and I dont find it to be any fun at all. Lower level summons are absolutely worthless.


Completely agree with your entire post, @Ceronesthes, that’s exactly how it feels like to play the new expansion.

It’s like they’re trying to make a really bad tower defence game where you have to farm for powerups. And if you win the tower defence game, you are then put into a lottery system for all that time you’ve invested. It’s abusive as hell.

Siptah needs an earnest attempt at genuinely delivering fun content, suited for a survival sandbox, that does not depend on casino mechanics and grind based gameplay that is an abuse of your time.

If only you could build and defend in the maelstrom with base layout and strategy you’ve devised to setup chokeholds or traps for the storm creatures. But that would involve having building pieces that don’t shatter on contact.

It’s weird to be swung at by an enemy and take a small chunk of damage, while the sold metal and brick pile of dense foundation next to you just blows up from the same attack swing. It’s very immersion breaking. Breaks the sense of realism of the world around you.


See, that’s the problem with randomness and statistics. If you ask an RNG for a number between 1 and 10, and get the answer “4” ten times in a row, that still doesn’t mean it’s not random. Your claim that it’s “very common” and the original claim that it’s uncommon are both based on small samples of anecdata.

Which really only serves to underscore that relying on unconstrained RNG is, as always, a bad idea. Relying on RNG is the cheapest way to make things variable and dynamic. And that’s okay, because the effort needed to achieve dynamism without (or with very little) RNG can be staggering. But that doesn’t mean people want RNG.

People want fun, people want fairness, people want variety. RNG can help with that, but it needs constraints to keep things fun. Take Exiled Lands and their rule that “there’s a 2% chance that an elite mob will spawn instead of normal one”. The end result is that a large number of newbies will run into an elite shaleback on the newbie river and get steamrolled and say “wtf was that”.

Or, to give you a different example, you’ll get stories from people who have been trying to get the Final Breath of the Red Mother for a year and then you go and kill the Red Mother twice in a row and get the Final Breath both times. And it’s even worse when it’s something like Lifeblood Spear and then, when you finally got it, it gets nerfed into a paperweight.

In case belaboring the obvious isn’t getting through: that’s simply not fun.

I’m not. At all. The whole “cultural armor” idea already backfired, so now everyone needs to have DLCs to avoid suffering the “emergent gameplay” of grinding and grinding and grinding mindlessly because armorers in general get a low percentage to spawn and they’re specific to a particular armor.

So let me get this straight: Funcom introduces something that is totally unbalanced with the rest of the game, and your idea of how to balance it is to gate it behind a thrall with low percentage of spawning? That will somehow make it okay?

I agree. Yet, people would still complain. And some of those would complain for very, very valid reasons.

Okay, everyone who keeps comparing Conan Exiles to Ark or Dark Souls or any other game, read my lips: I. Don’t. Care. About. Those. Games.

I’m playing Conan Exiles. If I wanted to play Minecraft, I would go play Minecraft. If I wanted to play Don’t Starve, I would go play Don’t Starve.

I don’t care that Ark players are fine with their grind.

Except all games in Early Access need tweaking. I’m firmly against the “give me Exiled Lands 2.0” crowd, but that doesn’t mean Siptah is perfect as it came out. And especially if you’re going to defend its imperfections with nonsense logic about using RNG to balance out an OP armor.


What is this armour with +15 to stats minimum?

What did I miss?

I only know about the new slaveforged sets. And the heavy gives +1 grit, just like most every other heavy armour.

Where are you getting the +15?

Does this involve the Delving bench?

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Some great posts and insights in this thread. I think folks will turn away from Siptah as they get closer to end game and the leyshrine mechanics. I’ve been enjoying Siptah a ton, but I do not want to farm for a week for a chance at T4 thralls, that can be stolen by other players while I’m running another back to a wheel. Good idea, not-so-good implementation at present.


Agreed! I like the Maelstrom and Surges mechanic, but you need to grind too much stuff, to be able to do it. And as reward, you get almost nothing worth :frowning: This NEEDs to be rebalanced!


I agree. It is OK for mobs to damage structures, but not destroy them in a few hits. It would be much more fun to try to use buildings you know will eventually be destroyed in the maelstrom area, but if designed well would give you a good chance of optimizing the number of monsters killed.


100% agree and everyone on my official server has said the same thing, crafting Thralls are just a mess right now!

Even in Wild Surges I’d expect to see at least a couple of T2 and maybe very, very rarely a T3 crafting Thrall as I’m sick of seeing T3 Fighters, Dancers and Archers which you are guaranteed at least 1-2 of in each Wild Surge

I’m happy for T4 Thralls to purely stay in the Leyshrine surges as I think they should but the balance between combat Thralls and crafting Thralls is waaaaaaaaay off

If they wanna keep this ridiculous ratio/odds system then at least make weekends a ‘double drop’ on decayed Eldarium and Chaos Essence so we have at least a chance, at the moment I dont want to waste the materials I’ve been grinding for hours just to get a pile of useless Thralls

35 replies and no comment from Funcom…funny that


Put T2 crafting thralls in Wild Surges but make them rare, feel like that would fix part of the issue. Keep T2’s and above for only Controlled Surges. I agree with the rest of Ceronesthes post though.


No, no its not, i have done 7 max level surges now and we have gotten 1 t4 crafter thrall, a carpenter, 3 t3 crafters and a handful of tier 2 crafters, the t4 fighters and archers are meh, why are they meh? We are already doing max level surges, its the cart before the horse, by the time we got them we did not need them, you understand that I hope.

Its not a case of the overall content being right or wrong, in this specifcic instance drop rates of higher tier crafters on MAX level surges should be better, there is no more harder content afer this, you can sputter about building in the storm to summon monsters, but what for, to do more max level surges with silly drap rates, its ■■■■ backwards as we like to say in my country.


@Ignasi @Hugo

Please lovely human beings can we do something about this? Pleaseeeeee


And as soloplayer what chanse you have doing it, to farm and later se the rest off the server flock and kill/ loot everything …

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