Feedback: Most Powerful Surge

I just tried the new Surge mechanic in summoning thralls. And while I like the concept, I was dissatisfied with the experience.

Game mode: Single Player (PvE)
Region: North America
System: PC

I like the idea of working to be able to summon the really good thralls. Grinding through the vaults to get decayed eldarium is okay (a little low on the drop rate, but okay). Reaction: Mildly annoying

Having to kill Maelstrom monsters to get greater, lesser, and unstable essences… also grindy. And also could use a better drop rate, but okay. Reaction: Mildly annoying again.

Crafted: Focus Altar of the West
(Relic Hunter spawns)
But putting together all the ingredients, and summoning the “Most Powerful Surge” (got an achievement for that) produced waves and waves of useless thralls. Half of them are “Veteran” which are ‘one-skull’ mini-bosses that can’t be knocked out. Very good loot, though. Reaction: Mildly pleased.

Lots of dancers, fighters, and archers. Which after one dancer, why do I need more? That’s rhetorical. Same with fighters and archers. I can only take one around with me. My base never gets attacked in PvE (no more purge). So again, mostly useless. Reaction: Neutral (only a couple worth keeping, but are worth keeping)

And for crafting thralls, the main reason for doing all this grind, got me one T2 armorer and one T3 blacksmith. Not one T4 crafting thrall in all the waves of all three platforms. And yes, the waves kept coming and I kept killing to the point that my inventory couldn’t hold anymore. And since I was the only player in my solo “server”, there was no one else to “steal” the good thralls. I got to see and inspect every single one. The closest to a T4 crafting thrall that dropped was one T4 dancer, “Nimbletoe” – but any T1 dancer can do the same “remove corruption” that she can (just different speed), so mostly useless. Reaction: Major disappointment

If that’s what the most powerful surge produces, after all that grinding for decayed eldarium and essences, then what’s the point? The reward - payout ratio is very skewed towards PvP (needing fighters and archers to fight other players and defend bases).

Something needs to be fixed in the drop rate of T4 thralls in the “Most Powerful Surge.” There should be at least a few T4 guaranteed crafting thralls to be collected. Please consider adjusting these summoned surges so that this experience is not repeated.

@Multigun – if this is how surges are going to work on Siptah, I can see many people looking to your T4 thralls spawn mods for remedy. Just a heads-up.


This is somehwat terrifying, finding the grind for essences ??? bad enough as is and now a max level surge, 1000 worh of essence could only get you that, making me lose the will to keep playing, I have over 500 hours on exiles map (paltry to suome) and a pucketful of named thralls, time is not really the issue, but the gap between getting the tier 1 wild surge thralls and any decent t3+ is way too absurdly big.


Surges aren’t moddable right now. Otherwise I would enclude them in said mods when I do their updates.

I’m finding this very tedious and not at all enjoyable tbh. The map itself is awesome, love the new creatures, etc. But the thrall portion is ugh. I play PVE. Love to build. And without decent bench thralls, any crafting and building takes a absurd amount of time. Currently on our actual server we cannot even summon surges atm.

So I went to single player some and played with them. And the amount of work and grinding you have to do to even summon one is…wow. But hey, worth it if you get some of the thralls you really need right? But then all your work turns out pretty much the exact same stuff your getting from the wild surges. I’ll admit, I immaturley raged at my computer a few times. Not worth the hassel and time it took to summon them tbh. I was honestly expecting alot more for what it took.

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I would expect at some point a fix to this. I can see that they made designed it to make getting the t4’s more rare and more difficult, but like you said, after all the work, there should be some reward for it. But I at least like the idea…

…as opposed to running to Sinner’s Refuge in the Exiled Lands and getting t4 thralls before you’re even level 20.

Grind is good. This game always felt way too easy in practically every aspect and I think you guys are just too used to the old system. Getting t4 thralls on Vanilla map is within reach of the first day of playing… also highest tier tools (black blood) are easily obtainable naked at lvl 1… I can go on forever.

I am happy they are taking steps to making the game harder. I agree, there should be at least 1-3 guaranteed t4 thralls per surge summon. But I don’t want it to be a mechanic that you only need to do a few times and you have all the thralls you need.

Reading this post actually makes me appreciate the new map more.

This is a survival game. Grind is the backbone of the game!

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Have you farmed essences already? Farming 330 unstable to get the best surge is oddly time consuming if you don’t have 5+ members who play all day. Imo that’s grind enough and at the moment it’s not even worth it to do it once. That’s just demotivating for a lot of people. I agree that it shouldn’t be like on the exiled lands where you can have all the thralls you need in 24h but having to farms weeks till you possible got all the thralls you need is absurde especially if it’s a gamble what you are grinding for.

My opinion is still: make wild surges like this:

60% T1
30% T2
10% T3 (all tiers with working thralls not just fighter)

And summoned best surge should guarantee you T3 and higher thralls. Summoning the best you can get should not offer you T1 and T2. Just not fair if it’s rng anyways.

Well Ive done over 15 1000 power surges with my clan an live an 20 of them on single player/admin not once did I get a T4 blacksmith/alch/carpender/smelter/tanner only 1 I got after all them was 1 T4 cook an alot of useless 1s an 2s. If this was their vision for the map then they need a rethink, on live we are a 10man clan with a good method to farm but now members are starting to lose the will to play, if you spent 20000 essences on 20 powerful surges to just get 1 T4 crafter just to lose it because someone offline raided you or whatever I doubt you are going to stick around an play anymore regardless of clan size, people want to fight an raid, not spend countless of their playing hours grinding essences to hopefully land a decent crafter just to lose it next time you are raided.

The shine of this map will quickly wear off an fade & players will see how much of a grind an time sink this game is, one that is about fighting an raiding but at the moment its about grinding essences for that 1% chance of a t4 thrall lol, sack the decision makers at funcom.

Lol sounds like the usual Funcom balls up that happens with every update. A bunch of stuff that no one asked for that either don’t work properly or is hideously unbalanced. They get more and more lost every update. Now it’s sounding like each and every little aspect of conan is going to be turned into a ridiculously unforgiving and unrewarding grind fest. I’m wait and see I guess but it’s looking more like I’ll just be walking away from this mess :pensive:

Fortunately, the expansion is in early access. So yes, they make a guess as to what will work and we provide feedback. That’s the whole point. And so far, we’re saying “grind is good, but too much grind is not good.” And right now, the most powerful surge needs some more tweaking.

Keep the feedback coming folks. They need to know our experiences so they can balance this new map properly.

Agreed with that - at wild surge:
60% crafter I
30% crafter II
10% crafter III
At max. surge:
t4 crafter chance -10% at one repspawn at one platform. And need todecrease boss count at this max. surge, it is very hard to kill them solo (I think it impossible, because you have only fighter III). So strategy - to deactivate slaves with eldaruim and hoping that at first wave you get good fighter slave and catch him.

I find it odd that so many people are stuck with the idea of all (T4s) or nothing. Sure you don’t have a T4 but neither does your enemy. For the PvE-rs do you really need Epic Flawless, isn’t Exceptional enough?

T4s are rare:
PvP - fight for them.
PvE - co-operate and trade.

EDIT: and before everyone jumps on me, I agree on 1-2 T4 crafters per surge but please don’t make them as common as on the EL map.

IDK about other PVEers, but we like to fight. Dungeons on the old map, unnamed city, 3 skull bosses. On the new map, it’s vaults and the storm. So yeah, if i am going into the storm, and i’m in there for an extended period of time fighting monster after monster, I would like to have epic flawless.

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