Is doing a surge worth it?

Outside of just experiencing one, are surges even worth doing anymore with the frequency and ease of getting accursed named thralls from Layshrines and purges? Are there any stronger fighter thralls out there then an accursed zerker, and Dalinsia clones ?

If there are not stronger thralls in the surge than an Accursed berserker that’s a true shame, all the depth of end game is removed by a combination of the vault/ gray one weapons and the ease of accursed zerkers. I hope it’s not the case, but for me there is no point in playing anymore if it is. I’ve done everything else and have 700 hours on exiled map

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I guess it boils down to personal preference. You have a bit more control over what your summoning with the surge over a purge. I’ve seen no stats about the hidden modifiers of Siptah thralls so it’s anyone’s guess as to who is the strongest unless someone has crunched the numbers and I’ve just missed seeing them. The purge puts your base at risk whereas you can simply leg it from the surge and heal up at no risk to your base. I haven’t done testing at all and I’m not experienced enough with the surge on Siptah nor have I had a purge there yet so take it with a grain of salt but on paper and for the aforementioned reasons I prefer the surge.

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I’ve been getting berzerkers and out of 6 that I took, only 2 were worth it. 4 had acc perks, 2 of em ended up being a much better archer than a berserker hahaha.

I’ve also had a t3 stygian fighter. Had one of the best perks I’ve seen, Fit, Universal warrior and Hallowed. Because of his innate agility, I left him with agility armor. His weapon is feroxic war axe. One of the best warriors I’ve had. He hits harder than the berzerkers I’ve had so far.

Too bad he died taking on 30 peeps, because I was woefully unprepared for the purge. Now mind, this is a t3. I probably just had dumb luck with the perks but honestly it’s all a crap shot with the perk system.

But as far as base stats are concerned there is none actually better than Accursed zerkers and the Dalinsia clones? I have a massive t3 base already and plenty of thralls ( close to the limit) so really only upgrades are needed and a purge is no longer a threat.

I was hoping for the amount of farming and prep work it takes for a surge it would produce better thralls than one it takes me less and 5 minutes to knock out and run to my thrall wheel. Really big oversight by Funcom to make surges and delving so anti-climatic when there are better items much easier to obtain. What’s the point of playing the end game if in half an hour you can get better than weeks’ worth of griding surges and delving?

I wish they could put like zerker stats or the like in every faction so at least we could farm for some type of RP variety or something. This was the same problem Exiled Map had; there are such clear best options and they are far easier to get than most everything else. I hate grinding out things for downgrades

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There are Aesir and Jhebbal Sag Warriors obtained from surges that have a much higher Strength Melee damage bonus. Unfortunately they’ve been gimped for more than 3 months now. Funcom seems very reluctant to bother fixing them. You can get named Fighters from the surge that can combo properly though, have more HP the same SMDB, just a slightly lower melee damage Modifier of 1.3 as opposed to the Warrior’s 1.56. They also all level up a shi|t-ton faster.

Ooo I love those jhebbal sag warriors. Definitely better against the grey ones with higher survival points. But then again, the Dalinsia clones just hits harder and kills them faster.

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For fighters, I can’t confirm. But the T4 crafter drop rate is substantial, so I suppose it’s goal dependent

A levelled Jhebbal Sag warrior will have around 5,500-7000 HP and a base stat of 10 survival. The grey ones hit hard but go down very fast - I kill them with two swings, that’s it. The only time I’ve noticed Survival being useful towards a thrall actually ‘surviving’ is when taking on multiple Sandreapers.

People complained the surge was too hard. It was more not fleshed out for solo/small clans and I among another’s wanted tweaks to allow for tiered surges to allow for smaller clans to be able to do less waves and not worry about poachers mainly. But Instead Funcom did not want to sink time into balancing and went easy route of cut and paste exiles thralling.

Especially since what’s the point of a surge when everything received in a surge can be found around the map easier and with less time sink. Not to mention surge fighters are a downgrade to accursed found throughout the map. Frustrating. I would love to be a fly on the wall during quality control meetings

That’s true if you’re referring to Warriors as they can’t combo anymore and probably will never be fixed.

Melee damage multiplier is (maybe) 1.768 for all named camp-obtained accursed T4 Fighters I’ve come across.

Accursed Beserkers it’s (maybe) 2.2

I say maybe because I’m reading their stats from the wiki for their Exiled land’s non-accursed counterparts.

Aesir warriors MDM is 1.56 however they have a much higher Strength Melee Damage modifier than the accursed - almost double which some players believe; (but never been proven) makes them superior.

Then there’s some other hidden mechanic that no one’s understood yet so the best thing to do is test them in admin mode. One thing is certain though, the surge variants are much faster to level up. Level 0-10 from one Demon Spider vault.

I have soloed dozens of surges, so I don’t understand how anyone thinks a small clan would have a tough time

I don’t feel like the company reads or acts on community posts( clan system would have permissions if they did, there are pages and pages of requests for years on this ), but ide like to see at least one berserker strength thrall in every faction. I hate how this game pigeon holds you to several armor class builds and 1-2 thralls if you do any type of pvp. It butchers the RP aspect of the game and any point to grind out end game stuff. I have about 1k hours on Conan and I see people leave all the time at the end game once they get vault weps and zerkers. Outside of a little pvp their work is done

officials. could too. But go to an official pvp and try it. If it has any population, people are poaching. I know I did.

I’d echo on this. I myself stopped playing siptah early access because there really isn’t anything else much to do.

And the funny thing is, I’ve got the accursed purge twice now, and managed to get the zerkers I needed. I’ve also gotten the vault armor and weps, not to mention working on the grey ones, just need to repair the ones I’ve got.

Only the building aspect is a saving grace but honestly, there isn’t much else except to start all over again.

Surges are a better source of finding T4 crafters and high tier fighters as opposed to finding these in the camps.
But, there’s a problem with the game that it makes no real difference if you have a surge 10k hp thrall or a 5k hp Accursed Berserker. Thralls are really powerfull and a berserker can perform in a similar way as a surge fighter.
As for crafters, T3 can cover all your crafting needs and T4 are just not worth the effort except maybe for a T4 weaponsmith.
All in all, surges are something that I personally do for fun, once in a while.

I’ve stated this in several topics, that the game is in serious need of loops in endgame. The maelstrom nerf, the purge being weak and the lack of spending thralls makes the game a bit boring for me.
I personally don;t like building that much and I would rather engage with the game world more. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give you enough reasons to do so.
If Funcom adresses the offline raiding on PvP servers, I might give it a try on a PvP server.


It’s PURGE, not SURGE… I rolled down my chair reading the title of your thread! XD

Hey Tselem,

Rainius was actually referring to the surge. It is a game-mechanic that lets you summon in NPCs from the Exiled Lands into the Isle of Siptah. You can summon these surges at the different Leyshrines around the center of the map.

There are purges aswell that you probably know from the base game.

On topic, i dont think surges are worth the hustle, maybe if you want to get Pride of Aesir armorpieces for delving into Frost Giants Garb.
For example

This is not an issue of doing the surge though, is it. It’s an issue or protecting it, which I would argue is totally separate

I guess it depends on your circumstances, I am having bad luck finding any named crafting thralls on the map or from purges, and so I resorted to surges.

As to fighters, I’ve had a few beserkers and various ones from surges, and tbh it is difficult for me to compare because the perks just really mess things up.

It is pretty easy to farm the essence from doing summoning pools though, and can easily solo a t4 surge.