Named Surge Fighters

Tried my first summoned Surge today.

First off, after 6 waves still nothing above T1 for crafters. How many am I supposed to kill to find a named thrall? 100? This is stupid.

Second, I DID see named fighters, however for whatever reason they… cannot be knocked out? Cost me a level 20 T3 fighter to figure out that they straight up cannot be damaged. Why in the hell put named fighters and archers in the Surge that I cannot take?!


They’re minibosses, like the named Relic Hunters in Unnamed City. It’s annoying that you can’t capture them, but I believe it’s designed that way.

Siptah is in Early Access, so it’s entirely possible that the rates for T4’s will be increased in the future. Let’s keep giving them constructive feedback to let them know what we want.

We knew when making the purchase that we were getting an unfinished product, so please let’s take a less aggressive tone with our feedback.


I can’t tell you how many times I have said " Its a BETA " to answer people expressing displeasure


How much chaos?

It seems like they are trying to make players rely less on thralls for pvp and more on themselves. Believe me it is dumb. I just did a Jebbhal sag surge and all i saw was t3 fighters, bearers, one skull bosses and triple skull ones. Not a single crafter above t1 which I already have from wild surges. I will be honest, I think it needs to be changed, I’m not asking for t4 crafters if i dont summon the greatest surge but at least a t2 or t3 rarely on a lower tier surge. Also, only one triple skull boss dropped something worth it which was the hyena fur armor recipe, every other one didnt drop a thing at all. How is that rewarding for the time spent in the maelstrom and the time fighting hyenas and werehyenas ? I lost my wolf to their bleeds and only got 1 t3 fighter and 1 t3 dancer and a recipe. Not worth it at all. Makes me miss the exiled lands.

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