Update 2.1 Wild surges contain T2 and T3 crafters

With the upcoming 2.1 update it appears that wild surges contain T2 and T3 crafters.

I think this is great news.
3 out of 5 wild surges contain t2 and t3 crafters, with some wild surges containing even 2 t2/t3 crafters at a time.

No mods were used, e.g. Better Surges.

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Interesting. If this isn’t a bug, I have mixed feelings about it. Since I play on PVE-C, I feel that the summoned surges aren’t really worth it, given the potential for griefing and the randomness of the rewards.

So on the one hand, I’m relieved I don’t have to go through the summoned surge rigmarole, given the state of the things right now. On the other hand, it feels like they “gave up” on tuning the summoned surges right away, which makes me sad.

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Yeah. I’ll definitely never bother doing a summoned surge other than for souls and recipes of this is true. Maybe I’ll trigger one once for the achievement.

To be fair, the only thrall I really wanted at this point was a higher tier blacksmith so that I could get 1:1 on my steel reinforcements.

Once the economy update drops I won’t even need that.

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Did you check to see if it’s still possible to build directly under one?

Yes, you can build under it. Even while it’s active.

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I’ve confirmed that wild surges do drop T2 and T3 thralls. They’re not exceptionally rare or common. I’ll try to get a better sense of the percentages after the next maelstrom. It did seem like maybe there was a finite number of T3 and T2 that would spawn per maelstrom? I’ll need to farm it a few more times and see if that pattern holds.


This is good. The summoned surges, as fun as they are, exist in a game that allows, and even encourages griefing. Summoned surges were just a kick in the balls for anyone that tried to do them solo, or with a friend. Inevitably someone would come and steal from you, and you would feel raped/helpless. Especially on PvE. I intend to avoid summoning surges all together, and just trade resources to get my tier 4’s after a couple months. The new benches/with tier 2/3 make this play much more reasonable and rewarding.

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great news, this will compensate a little, i am sure people will summon the surges for those t4s they are a pretty nice reward on its own, i am glad and hope they are not giving away t4 crafters for free. !

on our server, we usually have a friend or two , who comes with rhinos and kepy them trampled and on the ground, while we do the knoking. in pve helps to have good friends to go and help against the idiots who comes and populate servers.

in our server we had a guy that did a dick move on us and stole a t4 beearer, only incident we ever had, we grounded him in his base for more than a day, the whole server went after him, got caged in his place (in jail) until next day, it was so bad for him, that he ended up apologizing and now he has become even friendly with others., doing bad things to people over a PVE server,. (if the server is good) carry consequences for the offenders, well at least our server seems to work really good with the in house rules set by the three major(larger) clans , in our server no one shows up in someone else surges unless invited, but people are allowed to watch from a distance. xd

@GodlyVoice Can you confirm, no mods were used e.g Better Surges.

This is a great development, especially with the changes to crafter progression. It makes summoned surges an optional element of gameplay, since they seem to be largely tuned for PVP, where incremental increases in equipment make a difference. That also means that PVE players who choose to use that mechanic will be doing so because they want to, rather than because they have to. I think that increases the chance that more players will give it a try, and end up liking it now that it is not forced.


Agreed on all counts. I have been advocating T2’s in Wild Surges, an occasional chance to get T3’s is icing on the cake. The summoned surges are still valid because they allow you to a) get T4/purge thralls and b) focus on a specific faction for recipes and drops


This makes wild surges actually usefull.


Hey everybody, quick update.

We have added the following line to the patchnote changes.

Please be aware of the disclaimer. This is still a work in progress change that will come fully realised with an upcoming Testlive patch, so these values might not exactly be the ones present in this build. They will also be present in the new patchnotes.


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