Solo players need some love (about Thralls again)

It looks that solo players have very small chances to get T4 crafters or even any decent crafters on Siptah island. Level 3 Surges require way too many Chaos (and are very hard to manage if you don’t use mods). Level 1 Surges are completely useless because they are harder than Wild Surges but give T1 crafters as well. I’d like to change this a bit.

  • Let Wild Surges give T1’s with a small chance of getting one T2-T3 (maybe 10%) and a very faint chance for T4, maybe 1%.
  • Ley Surge level 1 should give some guaranteed T2’s with some T1’s (not many), a better chance to get 1 or 2 T3’s and some more chance to get T4.
  • Ley Surge level 2 should give guaranteed T3’s with some T1’s and T2’s and even better chance of T4, but not guaranteed.
  • And Ley Surge level 3 should give 1 or more guaranteed T4 crafters and no T1’s or T2’s at all.

So if solo player is VERY lucky he/she can obtain T4 from Wild Surge. If he/she is very patient he/she will finally collect all T3’s but it’ll take time.



I ran a Vanir surge yesterday but didn’t have enough ??? to fill up the first bar.

Well, I decided to run it anyway. Had already committed resources to it.

Many bandages later and an almost dead thrall I had to park, I walked out dragging a T1 Blacksmith behind me with broken boots and bracers.

Did I mention, I already had a T1 Vanir Blacksmith of the same type back at my base?

After the carnage it was the only thing left knocked out that didn’t disappear. Better than nothing, I guess…

begin sarcasm Felt great, would run that whole thing again. end sarcasm


Isle of Siptah was not made for solo play. On the PvE server that I play, as soon as I open a surge, a group of 12 players split in two clans (basically 1 clan of 12 players) rush my surge and kill everything. I managed to get a t2 crafter and they chased me to spear it from horse back (this is the PvE Siptah experience).
This is unplayable in any mode be it PvE or PvP during the day. And to think that I have to farm 500 unstables for that. It’s a chore.
I resume at making surges at 4 am in the morning when noone will disturb me. I managed to get T4 this way. As soon as I get my full collection (T4 for each profession) I’m done with surges for good.

I agree with everything you said Ko6ka. Wild surges should be tweaked for the sake of solo players.
We need more horizontal progression. More ways to get T4s. Having to rely on the player spawned surges will surely chase the solo players back to the exiled lands.


I would love to see the stats on how many people play the game solo. I bet it’s way more than you would think.


Probably. But playing solo on a server, rather than single player, is a special kind of self-loathing that is truly beyond my understanding.

Wow thats snobbish, I play solo as I like my own stuff and do not want to be tied down by some rando’s whims, anything else I can team up with other solo players to do like I have been on siptah, and solo players tend to play online for the global chat and the shared experience. no need to sneer and say ‘they are having fun wrong’.


I’m a solo player. The last time I checked, I don’t loathe myself.


In practical terms, playing solo on a server gets you all of the drawbacks (lag, building spam, etc.) and none of the benefits of being in a clan. I’d think if you want community while playing solo, there’s Discord. But hey, if it works for you, mazel tov.

It’s VERY hard to find a clan that suites you, if your RL friends do not play CE. And if you make a mistake and join some dishonest people you can lose all your property. And single players have this problem with Thralls as well: grind for weeks or use admin spawn, but then why even bother to play?

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That’s basically what it boils down to for me. My buddies I played with at launch outgrew the game, so I just soldier on alone. And I don’t want to play on single-player. You miss a lot of mechanics, and it’s lonely.

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Yes its so mutch farming to get a proper serge but to hard to handle solo,

Clans suck ■■■, did you start playing with irl or online friends or did you start solo then join a clan? hmm? Not everyone can start palying and boom a clan pops up, some need to meet people, get to know thema nd trust them then make a clan, some want to be social while playing the game but own their own agency in the game.

Play solo but with Discord on, I assume you are joking as thats just dumb, smh.

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It is still more fun online with decent people :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently even big clans rarely have a T3 not even 1 on my server has a named :confused: but I agree with you
I’m also a bit disappointed when we as a small clan trigger a surge… huge clans overrun us and steal the best thralls if possible… there even were guys that pulled every thrall to us… so that we might die just to troll…

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Yes spec when the big risk you take to join clan in this game.

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And its weard that T2 T3 crafter is missing, U get the more or less cosmetics T1 and then directly go to T4. Never go for T2 T3…

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