Siptah wild surge thrall t3 probability spawn rate

Hi well, tried 5 wild surge, and saw 3 t3.

i know probability can be tricky, may be i was very lucky

but just to suggest, that if yes it is needed to have wild surge to drop some t2/t3, it should stay a very low probability. it was needed for solo player or little clan to have an other way than a surge to get t2/tt3, but t2/t3 should be a rare drop. i mean for me you should do 40 wild surge before seeing a t3.

Why would anyone bother to do wild surges if it the RNG is lower then that, just do the way shrines instead less work in the end for sure. The RNG is low enough on Siptah. It takes you forever to get a decent thrall.

because on a pvp server if you do a surge, you will see a lot of people coming and kill you, as surge done by players are indicated on the map, with a big visual effect in sky to indicate you are summoning it

result is ; any solo player or little clan will be killed and lost control of their surge, it’s why it was needed to have an other way to get at least t2 or t3. so this was a very good decision to do it, but if wild surge give t3 so easily, it will make surge by player no more needed. a pvp clan in 1 or 2 days can get t3 with wild surge, and so enough for having a war economy. and after they will raid others to get t4. so only matter of good balance to find for spawn rate of t2/t3 in wild surge.

they also make rng better for surge but i have not tested yet on testlive

The spawn rate for T2/T3 in wild surges is ridiculous right now. It’s made worse by the fact that T1 (0-199 Swirling Chaos) surges at leyshrines have worse crafter spawn rates than wild surges. Last two of those I did on Testlive had 2-3 T1s and 1 T3 - and the Relic Hunter one also had 2-4 non-capturable Relic Hunter Elite thralls per wave and a 3-skull Treasure Finder at the end.

Personally, I wouldn’t object to eliminating T3s from Wild Surges and making players spend 50 Hardened Steel to summon a basic surge to get them. But if that were to be done, the spawn rates for T1 summoned surges will need reviewed and made consistent - it looks like they were missed in the most recent surge update that increased T2/T3 crafter rates.

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FUNCOM does not know middle ground, they nerf to the point of not being useful or they simply do it so the f eature is totally overpowered.

they really need to start giving it thought, and measure of consequences to decisions made.

in this case they are devaluating t2 and t3 , and of course t4 , it will be crazy easy to get t4s, almost feelis like easier than exiles land, (PVE) , cant tell about pvp, but the icon on the map needs to be hidden, i cant imagine the mess.,

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Not everyone is on a pvp server but really is not what you all want to have to fight for every thing, I was pretty sure that is the reason of PVP for the thrill of the fight, for the thrill of being the best on server, so if they show your place on map that just gives you better chance of a big pvp battle. Is that not the object of PVP to battle for every thing well they have helped you now everyone knows what you are doing and will come running to kill you … More PVP yay for you all.

10 players coming against 1 player or 2 players is not really pvp… come test on a pvp server you will undestand quickly what i explained first. balance of the game should serve both pvp and pve server. finding thrall too easily will not serve the interest of gameplay. what was giving a different gameplay (for pvp server i talk) was the grint to find thralls.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

its impossible to do if they keep mirroring the same setting for boths,

PVP and PVE are two very different games, and each of them needs they setting reflect those differences.

for having the best balance, yup i agree with you, but in case where same parameter on pvp & pve, well no other solution than to find best balance possible between the two.

a balance that will never be possible to accomplish, the two styles are very very different ,

That’s the problem with randomness, in a nutshell. You might see a 1%-probability outcome happen 5 times in a row. You might see 95%-probability outcome fail 20 times in a row. The probability is supposed to affect the distribution of large samples.

With that in mind, there are two points of view when discussing RNG-based gameplay in Conan Exiles. One focuses on the probabilities and statistics and long-term, large-sample effects. People arguing from this point of view will say “Sure, you might get lucky or unlucky, but the important thing is that the probability holds for all players in the aggregate.”

The other focuses on the effects the small-sample outcomes have on each player. People arguing this point of view will say “What does it matter if the macroeconomy of the game is well balanced if so many players are unhappy and frustrated by random outcomes.”

The situation becomes ironic when you see the same people argue from one point of view when they agree with the current state of RNG and then from another when that state changes, or is about to change.

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hum i did more test, there is a t2 or t3 in 80% of wild surge, i would suggest to check weight table (i dont know how to do it).

but for sure their drop rate seem to be pretty high, too high.

and so the patch was released, did 2 wild surge at second blackmisth t3, knowing that now blacksmith t3 has recipe of old purge blacksmith,so now even easier in siptah to find thrall than in conan… i think their 5% prob announced is more 50% in reality. no point to summon surge other than t4 actually. easier and less time consuming to go for wild surge.

but anyways update totally broke, game freezing randomly constanlly, unplayable.

I’ve hit ~10 wild surges (most of which crashed, which is why I’ve only hit ~10) since the patch, and all but one had a T3 crafter. There really is no need to do any summoned surges except T4. It would be entirely reasonable to limit wild surges to T2 crafters if doing non-T4 surges was an intended feature.

I think that’s deliberate. It would appear that Funcom wants the Wild Surges to be an intermediate step before moving on to the T4-giving Greater Surges. Thus, seeking a T4 thrall IS the reason for doing a Greater Surge. That and getting armor pieces from the Veteran thralls that spawn, too (for the Delving Bench).

I went as well through 5 wild surges and saw only t1. apart from dancer 3. You was probably very lucky.
And i think all the tiny tribes or solo players should get a chance as well to get thralls.
Where it will be still very hard to fight for them if all other player come n attack.

well since this morning, wild surge do not givet3 each time, I don’t think i was lucky (did too many wild surge before today to think it was a rnd thing, i think something has been changed :slight_smile:

This entirely misses the point, though. There are 4 types of summoned surges (5 if you count Calamity Surges). With the current state of affairs, players will only ever do 1 of the 4 (and also won’t ever accidentally get Calamity Surges). The T2 and T3 surge factions (that were developed, and that got distinctive thralls and NPCs) will never be seen, as there’s no reason to summon them, except perhaps when you’ve so thoroughly exhausted the game that you might consider doing it for cosmetic purposes.

T1/T2/T3 summoned surges are all easier than T4 summoned surges - as well as far less costly - but before the patch there was minimal reason to do them. After the patch, there’s NO reason to do them - unless you’re harvesting essences to build a shrine, and in that case you’ll only do a T1 summoned surge (which incidentally is currently less rewarding than a wild surge - yes, it has 7 waves and you’ll still get fewer crafters for a much greater risk).

There should be a reason to do T1/T2/T3 surges, and restricting WS crafters to T2 would help, or at a minimum giving them reasonably low rates so it’s rare to see a single T3. When you have WS that drop a T2 and two T3s (the 12th one I did yesterday did exactly that - so it averaged out the 11th which had been the first I saw with NO T2+), there’s no reason to do T1 (which only takes 50 HS to summon), let alone T2 (50 HS, 200 ??? of Swirling Chaos) or T3 (50 HS, 400 SC). T1 summoned surges should probably get a balance pass - they seem to have been mostly ignored - but T2 and T3 need something to make them have a purpose. Right now they have most of the downsides of T4s, and their lower cost is canceled out by their inferior risk-reward balance.