Make wild surges more rewarding

There’s so many wild surges. So many on the map at once they seem to be a major part of Siptah. Make them worth grinding I’d like to at least see some t3 and t4 thralls also maybe small rewards of mats for the higher level endgame grind. Not a big chance or a lot of materials just a chance. Right now they don’t seem worth farming


tbh I’d like to see a Boss spawn at the end of each one. Like a corrupted or eldritch creature that fell through the rift with them.


I agree. Even if only one Tier 2 crafter thrall spawned per wild surge, it would help a ton. Otherwise, they’re just so easily ignored once you gear up your initial base.


T2 crafters drop from wild surges but the chance is as low as T4 on the Exiled Lands map, maybe lower.
The chance to get a T2 from wild surges should definetly be increased. RIght now, not many players farm these with the exception of low levels.
WIld surges feel like starter content rather then endgame, and as soon as you hit 60, you forget they exist.


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I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

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Ah yes, because a guaranteed T3-T4 in ten locations at any given time is definitely balanced and fair and makes summoned surges more important.


Yeah, wild surges are just not interesting enough at the moment. They are a permanent fixture of the map, and one of its key “dynamic” aspects, therefore they should not become irrelevant where you just ignore them like you would pass by those croaking big birds near the river.

You have to give people some incentive to at least go and check them out from time to time, if they have at least nothing better to do. And right now, with the new wave format, they are not even challenging anymore. It’s not worth building an entire mechanic around them, to be honest.

I think even the devs would agree that they are not impressive enough right now to build an entire key expansion feature around them. Hopefully they will do more with wild surges, get some more ideas about what they can do with that feature of the map.

You lose a lot of Siptah’s dynamic element once you begin to ignore the wild surges. The rest is simply about grinding vaults for essence and honestly the map is not big enough to challenge you after you do get that dream surge thrall… You are still boxed in, you can’t even try to relocate into the maelstrom and live in a constant purge mechanic. The monsters one shot building pieces not intentionally, but as they do their attacks against you - they shatter any building pieces their attack hitbox happens to also glance.

That’s just…not utilizing the mechanic of the maelstrom to its full potential. What’s the point of stormglass if it cannot withstand the maelstrom or monster attacks? You can’t even defend convergence traps because they can’t be built straight on the ground, so it will attract a surge enemy and there is no way to defend because all it takes is one stray hit and the trap is destroyed, along with any other blocks in its way.

Clearly, convergence traps are meant to have a base around them, supporting them leeching from the storm while you are busy defending the gates. But that’s not possible right now. The monsters go through your buildings like Pac-Man. You just can’t pretend you’re playing tower defense.

Honestly I would like to see more character growth options, like the sigils - that’s interesting. Because the rest of the static world content does not compare to the exploration value of the Exiled lands. Both have corrupted monsters around the corner that can ruin your day.

But Siptah is a lot smaller.

Wild Surges need to matter in order to make the Isle work.

Also, portals between the Exiled lands and Siptah confirmed, so what’s to stop people from bringing T4s from the exiled lands into Siptah? Why make the Isle as a whole so unrewarding? People will not do that content (player triggered surges) if they don’t have to, because it is such a hassle. And so, so unrewarding. The surge content is not only barely worth bothering for, but a real slog fest.

The menagerie themed surge? I mean, yikes. Some thralls + lions, tigers and gorillas with enough hp to grind a legendary weapon into dust.

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