My personal take from a PVE builder's Aspect

So far I am enjoying the expansion. As a pve builder though, I do think that the mechanic for wild surges needs to be fixed. I am totally OK with T4 thralls being part of the non wild surges only, but not having any crafters above T1 in wild surges feels like a punishment for builders. I have already hit 60, but i haven’t gathered any star metal ( seen it, but 1 explosive or 50 steel reinforcement is a no brainer when i am still upgrading my base. On most pve servers, your long term community are the builders, so why not change the wild surge drop tables to include a chance for T2/T3 crafters. You already included T2/T3 archers, bearers, dancers, and warriors, seems almost broken that only non-crafting thralls drop. Even T2 thralls would make life better, as it would reduce the overall cost for each stage of material making by 30%, since that is cumulative between smelting and blacksmithing, etc that is a pretty good savings.


Yep. Level 60. Just made Epic armor with no thrall at all.

It hurts in a special place.


Not exclusively a pve issue, if that makes you feel any better. I’ve spent the last few days grinding up a base on a pvp server and holy sh-t, watching all that tar and iron and steel just get ground into nothing is so soul crushing. Tried some upgraded surges too, after grinding for them, and didnt get the thralls I needed. Hoping for some tweaks in the future.


I agree at least t2 should spawn on wild ones

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Patience my friend
Named thralls should always have been the endgame

But T2 crafters should be dropped from the wild surges… 100% agreed


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