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Figured I’d put my two cents here as a casual player whose been playing Conan since early access of the original game. I’ve played on PvP, PvE and PvE-C servers and if there is one thing about Conan regardless of the server type you play on in my opinion thralls are supposed to be the tools to HELP you get to and play in end game, they are not supposed to BE the end game.

I just tested surge in single player and I ran 20 normal surges that you spawn yourself at base level and there were no crafter thralls above level 1. Then I did it 4 times with a maxed out surge spawn and again there were no crafter thralls at all above level 2 this time, and most of the ones that spawned were still level 1.

Over half the NPC’s that do spawn in the surge are completely useless and you cannot capture them (the miniboss/boss humanoids or special humans and then animals) and then on top of that for some reason like 30% of the remaining half seem to always be bearers and dancers, then like 15% are fighters and archers and 5% are actually crafters. The only named NPC’s I saw that were capturable thralls were always either a fighter or a dancer, sometimes I’d even get 3 of the exact same dancer in one wave…

I love the new map even if it is a bit empty right now but having the entire new system of play revolving around something that already should just be a baseline in the Conan experience just sucks, especially with how huge of a grind it is to even attempt to max out a shrine.

Personally I’d rather just have normal thrall camps and make the leyshrines into an actual form of end game activity but if we’re keeping the surge then just make it so you can choose between crafters and fighters, get rid of all of the stupid unobtainable NPCs that take over 50% of the surge spawns and make each tier of surge spawn at minimum that same tier of thrall.


I think normal thrall camps are not needed if they adjust the rates of the surges.

First of all: you should have the possibility to get tier 1-3 Thralls in the wild surges. Make it worth to go there or even travel around the map. I never went to the other side of the map for the wild surges because it’s simply not worth it at all. Make it like:

60% T1
30% T2 - can be any thrall not just fighter/dancer/ beater
10% T3 - same here

Second: make it guaranteed that if you spawn the best surge you get nothing underneath T3. Getting anything you need is already rng enough. Don’t force people to summon 20-30 surges till you get anything useful. Taking the fun out of the map because it takes you literally weeks to get ready with all the rng about thralls and receipes.


You and I have had wildly different experiences with surges. Wild, I regularly find 2s, even of crafting types. T4 summoned surges, I have a named Darfari cook(Munches on Noses (gross!!)), T3 blacksmith, T3 armorer, T4 dancer (Fleet Foot), and T4 archer (Kapta, Seeker of Hearts) from a single T4 surge. I will say this, not every faction’s surges are created equal. Aquilonians and Dogs T4 surges were pretty much trash. I do believe these will improve over time, as the Darfari (South surge) are wearing armor that is labeled xx_DarfariArmor_surge, which can’t be dismantled, upgraded, fed to the delving bench, or repaired.

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Yeah idk, Wild Surges are pretty trash for me. I’ve done like 30 of them on my live server I play on and every one of them out of the 8 or so thralls it spawns every crafter has been level 1. There were level 2’s and one time I got a level 3 but both of those were archers or fighters.

Problem is the RNG is just too heavy IMO. So stuff like this will happen. I wish they would at least guarantee a certain tier of thrall per a certain tier of normal surge, even if you didn’t get named ones of the ones you want you at least wouldn’t be getting T1/2’s on a max level surge at all. Also it is very annoying half of the surges I summoned were just completely useless NPCs. Loot table is not worth when everything is easy to get yourself.


Each of the different summonable surges at the max level also have the items to learn their respective religons. Also, at least in the case of center (Jhebbal Sag) a massive amount of pets can be gotten, both wandering and off the thralls. Seriously, the amount of locusts was mental.

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Wild surges really need to have tier 3 crafters, the time needed to get a decent summoned surge is absurd, 2 essence ??? from the demon spiders is ‘too’ hard for you tier 3 fighter thrall (from wild surge) in the garbage armour you can craft with only tier 1 thralls, yes they can kill the demons in amelstrom, no problem there, but to get enough essence ??? it take a load of kills imo so far, an absurd number, and the longer you stay the faster the maelstrom spawns enemies and your healing cannot keep up with the dame, my limit is 2 demon spiders and 1-2 packs of humanoid monsters at the same time, any more and its asking to be stun locked to death, all for maybe 10 essence ??? worth, its bad, then whwn you summon your lifr shrine surge its a pile of tier one crafters and a bunch of animals and untamable 'elites; the frustration was pretty heavy.

As said before, even if rarer tier 3 crafters should be added to wild surges, its ok even if those wild surges are harder, like have a red colour or something.


Honestly, even with the malestrom eating my bases, I build t1 walls just inside the storm and place a couple trebs outside, the mobs will attack the walls and my trebs will chew through them. Not ideal (especially as a soloist) but it works. I DO agree that the surges definitely need adjustments. It’s very clear this is still a work in progress as some of the armors still have xx_newclan_surge on them. From what I have played through, however, this is a ton of fun. I just wish I could turn regular purges on in the Isles as well.

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