T4 surge thralls Spawn rate

I had stopped playing on the official servers, but recently I joined my clan to play with siptah a little.

I took a look at the weighted table rows regarding the surge thralls spawn and apparently the t4 crafter Spawn has some specialties, for example:
T4 alchemist only appears in the south or jhebbal. armorer in the west and etc …
Was that so?
I confess that I haven’t done a detailed search yet on the bps or datatables and the like that control surges, nor an empirical test on the single player.

could someone shed light on this?

ps * despite the fact that conan’s pvp sucks these days, these pve events, the storm and the surge were very good and fun to do. I think it is the best pve content they created.

no one? :roll_eyes:

i looked into Singleplayer and you could get every t4 from every purge. Atleast it should spawn, but some others did mention, the datatables are broken and the spawn rates are not correct on every Surge. And you need atleast the biggest surge for 1k to get T4

We play on an official PvE-C server and we started off by doing North only summons for a chance to learn Frost Giant armor. Of the 4-5 summons we did, we got T4 fighters, archers, bearers, dancers and smelters. No T4 blacksmith, armorer, tanner, alchemist, cook or taskmaster.

Then we decided we needed the best archers in the game, so we did an East summon because they have the best starting ACC stats. In that summon we got T4 fighters, archers, dancer and tanner.

Granted, it’s a pain collecting chaos and doing summons, but our clan did wonder if some factions have a better chance at producing specific T4 crafters.

As of right now…

4-5 ( 1000 chaos ) North summons produced 2 T4 smelters.
1 ( 1000 chaos ) East summon produced 1 T4 tanner.

Has anyone actually gotten a purge T4 vs T4… i am yet to see any evidence they drop so far…espec T4 Purge blacksmiths. I’ve gotten a T4 non-surge Blacksmith but not the purge ones.

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@dorizzdt at least according to the devkit they should exist:


Did 10 surges for all types of focus.
These are the results:
north - ymir [smelter, cook]

east - derketo [blacksmith, taskmaster] - here I got 3 blacksmiths and 4 taskmasters from 15 tries. That’s the only thing that drops.

center - jegbalsag [alchemist]

north-east - mitra [carpenter, armorer]

south - yog [random? blacksmith, alchemist]

west - set [armorer]

The drop rates are broken.

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The lemurian one was named Blacksmith Kapt.
The one that dropped at south surge (Yog) could’ve been a purge blacksmith, but can’t remember the name.
It’s also funny that this Blacksmith Kapt dropped twice in a single surge. I’ve seen this cloning bug at other surges where the crafter that drops spawns twice on the same triangle.

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this information corresponds with the weighted table, this is the table rows from Yoggite surge, the level 4 south surge.
This image shows the spawn chance for “crafters” class and then for an alchemist : It has a 25% chance do spawn an alchemist and then 15% for an Alchemist T4 and 1% for a Purge T4 alch.

On the other side there, it has no Armorer T4 on the table for this type of Surge.
It’s the same thing for every surge, each one has a T4 of a kind missing.


We’ve done 6 1000 chaos summons now, 4 North ( 2 Smelters ), 1 East ( 1 Tanner ), 1 West ( 0 T4 crafters ), so as of right now, that’s a 50% chance of getting a T4 crafter which in my opinion seems pretty bad considering in one of our surges we got 3 T4 dancers.

Still no T4 alchemist, T4 cook, T4 carpenter, T4 armorer, T4 blacksmith or T4 taskmaster.

I think 1000 chaos summons should be treated like a Magic the Gathering booster pack. At least 1 guaranteed T4 crafter in the summon, just because there’s way too many crafters we need especially with the new changes incoming, to be doing 1000 chaos summons and getting zero T4 crafters.


As of right now, only T1 crafters drop from wild surges and I haven’t seen any notification of that changing. Also, having a T4 crafter drop per summon isn’t asking a lot considering everything that can go wrong with a summon. Other players stealing thralls being one of the main issues.

Also, asking for T4 crafter to drop doesn’t mean you’ll get the T4 crafter you want. Considering there are Taskmasters, Cooks, Alchemists, Armorers, Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Smelters and Priests. How in the hell do you think 1 T4 crafter dropping is making it easy?

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here you go :slight_smile:


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