Intend to let players build at/around/enclose Surge Points?

Was it intentional to let players build all over surge points on PVE servers? or is this a bug and we can look for “can’t place structure here” soon, and those player constructions to be removed?

What happens when that occurs? Do wild surges stop happening at that location?

I’ve built next to one and it keeps appearing. Makes it easy to farm for thralls.

I hope this isn’t intentional and will be fixed. Have a very large no build zone radius around all surge spots in PVE.

We have a player who has built a wheel at every surge spot on the eastern side of the map. I haven’t explored the western side yet but I’m sure they would have built there too. It’s very frustrating as this player travels from surge to surge hindering other players from gaining thralls. He rides in on his horse while you are dealing with the mob and steals any knocked out thralls you have. As his wheel is at the surge spot he goes back and forth nabbing your thralls. May be fun for those on PVP but as this is PVE, it is a pretty low act that you can’t counter.

If the land can’t be “non buildable” then I think wild surges randomly appearing anywhere on the map is a great idea.


People are making it difficult for other players to work these surges by walling them off. Gonna have to come up with a rule on this for our server since they are static.

Could escalate, I guess. If there are buildings nearby a surge area, the lightning could just hammer the area until the buildings are gone before dropping thralls. Or drop a mob that attacks buildings. Not sure that would help, though. It would make things difficult for smaller groups or individuals to get thralls if they can’t handle the building crushers.

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