Do buildings block a Wild Surge?

Just trying to confirm, if I were to place a building at a known Wild surge location, say like violet lake, would the land claim stop the surge from appearing there going forward, (similar to a resource or creature spawn)or would it drop right on top of the building?

From what I have seen, no. But then I’ve only seen people build close to it, not right on top.

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A player built right on top of a surge point near my base and it really seemed like the wild surge was suppressed in that location until the structure decayed.

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I built a base at the Violet lake, not knowing that Wild Surge would spawn there. Now they drop on my roof. Its annoying. So no, building at a Wild Surge location does not stop the spawning. And it has spawned on my roof at least three more times.

I was left with two choices: Change the build to an arena to capture them, or move. I chose to move. Only T1 crafters would drop. I kind wish the Wild Surge would stop if there’s a building directly under them, but I also wouldn’t want players to abuse that system.


Got a base there and yes, the wild surge still happens. Best to have some thralls with truncheons.


I started out building on the island on the line between E10 and E11 (Violet Island). At the time, I didn’t know it was a Wild Surge spawn point. Not until I had a bunch of irrate NPCs on top of my alchemists …

So, unless it has been changed since then, a Wild Surge can spawn on top of buildings.

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Count me amongst those who built on Violet Isle, not realizing it was a wild surge spot. Occasionally, I’ll log in and see a dead NPC at the feet of one of my thralls.


From my experience, no the surge is not blocked. I was in the middle of building a small 3x3 1 level outpost in an area I had not been in before when a wild surge opened virtually above it (the falling thralls land next to the walls instead of on the roof…)

That being said, the outpost is a pillar base without foundations so that may make a difference.

I had a small pad built under a surge for a Jhebbal Sag altar, not knowing it was a surge spot. (I imagine a lot of people are going to have that experience.) Didn’t stop em from dropping onto it.

Wait, so the reason I literally never see a wild surge any more where my across-the-river neighbor built a castle isn’t because the surge no longer spawns, but because his guards insta-kill them?

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I’m going to have to test this now. I’ve got a very reliable wild surge spawn location near by base on my official server that I swear was blocked for a couple days when a player started to build in that location (they put down foundations and started to build a wall).

I can confirm that buildings don’t suppress wild surges. A clan on my server enclosed a wild surge spot, with fences on top of walls and everything, so that nobody else can access that surge, but it still spawns.

Good thing they forgot a tiny little foundation hole one can squeeze through :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably. You might see that swirling cloud for a minute or two, but if his guards are killing them right away then it won’t be there very long.

I built my base on the Violet Isle on my singleplayer game, and it spawns right over my base.

As suggested in a prior thread - wild surges should be random & move around the map.

People who have built at fixed surge points are preventing or making it much harder for other players to be able to access thralls, intentionally or not. If you have built at a surge and your thralls are knocking them out or killing them, be prepared for the server to think negatively of you.


Okay so for the first time today (probably because RNG) a surge popped in over one of my buildings, so that confirms what a number of folks have seen.

I am of the opinion that there should be a large enough number of random points that the surges could just spawn elsewhere if one is on a land claim. There are several very nice building spots that become much less desirable once you find enemies dropping in right on top of you.

I suppose that could be an issue on a server that is heavily populated enough where folks could potentially block all the spawns but if there are enough random spots in the mix that would be difficult.

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