Can you make it sure you are not able to build on a wild surge spot?

Hello i play on official pve and someone has build on a wild surge spot stopping the wild surge spawns what spawn from that location making it that little bit harder to get thralls until we can get them from the wayshrines - where they have built is on violet isle at E-10 on server 6014


That would be making a lot of the map unbuildable.

I hope this isn’t intentional and will be fixed. Have a very large no build zone radius around all surge spots in PVE.

We have a player who has built a wheel at every surge spot on the eastern side of the map. I haven’t explored the western side yet but I’m sure they would have built there too. It’s very frustrating as this player travels from surge to surge hindering other players from gaining thralls. He rides in on his horse while you are dealing with the mob and steals any knocked out thralls you have. As his wheel is at the surge spot he goes back and forth nabbing your thralls. May be fun for those on PVP but as this is PVE, it is a pretty low act that you can’t counter.

@Ignasis this thread is asking the same as: - may be worth linking the two.

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The Dev team must have realized this would happen… surely?

It cannot be a bug but by design that you are allowed to build around them.

Which is why I suggested in this thread to have the Wild Surge NPC begin to wander away once they fall out of the sky. Make Wild Surge NPC wander the map

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Unfortunately, even if a wandering mechanic is put into place, abusive players can just put a walled ring around the location to corral them in anyway. Even if you climb an enemy’s wall, you can climb back out with a thrall in tow anyway.

There needs to be a stated rule that such player behavior won’t be tolerated. Building near a Wild Surge spawn point is one thing, but building under to intentionally prevent a Wild Surge spawn or entrapping all Wild Surge spawns within a player’s structures is ‘game breaking’ and bad ‘sportsmanship.’


Well yes… but they would have to put substantially more effort in than just plopping down a wheel. It wouldn’t matter what radius you set for non-build… some clans will just build a bigger wall.

It’s a fault with how this new Wild Surge game mechanic works, not with how players choose to play.

I don’t have an issue with this as they will need to maintain all those buildings. However, this supports the idea that there needs to be more NPC camps or interactions on the map than just what there is via Wild Surges.

Or make Wild Surges completely random.

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Great idea.

Harder to block off access to others. Also, much more fun.


I agree. This would be the best. Also turns the lightening into something of an environmental hazard.


Is building actually stopping them? It’s definantly not on our server. We have one player who built day one before we even knew where they would be, and he frequently has thralls on top of his base bc it is still spawning there

I have also built on a surgespot. And with me, thralls even spawn in the house as well as on the roof. So I have regular visitors in my workroom.

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