Stop allow building on surge areas - esp for pve servers!

There are jerks out there, things are gonna happen you won’t like. Accept it and move on.

This is the kind of grey area when someone is being a jerk but within the TOS.

The TOS is a baseline, it doesn’t mean that a player should play on the borders on what is ban able and what not.

As long griefers and trollers are within the set rules, but are busy making the game miserable or annoying for other players I’m against the idea of “accepting it and moving on”.

We don’t need such players, no serious player will miss them.


Sadly, that’s the only recourse you have until Funcom decides to implement better server moderation. Right now, they’re struggling to even punish all the cheaters that use exploits.

I keep wishing they would add a bunch of “premium” official servers, where you pay a monthly subscription and get guaranteed, quality moderation.

Mind, I said add the servers, not replace the existing ones. Kinda like Spotify: if you don’t mind garbage ads between the songs, you don’t have to pay anything.

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Sounds like a great idea, it wil already deflect most trolls because of the paywall.

But the danger here is when such system gets implemented the other official non premium servers will feel even more abandoned on managing cheaters, griefers/trolls and exploiters.

Yes in combo that not many like ro restart on a new server and decay what they have colect the last 3 years.

We have two new clans with blocking whole areas… so we give up and rent our own server…


i like to play with other people but … no

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