Make knocked out human NPCs draggable by clanmates only

On pure PVE servers one can not loot other’s players and thralls bodies, but can steal knocked out. It is surprisingly high quantity of retards who play only to steal other’s people knocked out catches. Shouldn’t it be possible to “tame” by clanmates of the one who dealt final knock? It is already done so on PVE DnL and Ark ( from words of Ark players).

So you want to prevent other non-clan people from stealing the NPC people you are stealing? :thinking:

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I know this idea is hard to grasp, but players who asked me to write it want people from clans who did not knocked NPCs to be unable to steal unconscious NPCs on PVE, just like in other games.

No, its not “hard to grasp”. Its just hilariously ironic that a clan who is in the process of kidnapping “people” against their will would object to other people stealing the unconscious folks you’re trying to steal – the one’s you’re claiming you’ve ‘rightfully stolen.’ That’s all I was was trying to make of the post. I don’t really have an opinion one way or another as far game mechanics goes. I just found it funny.

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If he write about siptah u see, i writed already in some topic about this idiotism… even screened what they says… u see on siptah its hard to get that idiotical fuel u need to kill like 20 bosses or megalot of minibosses, i somehow managed to do that 7 days of grind and much of deaths… then i wait more normal players online that wanted to help with t4 surge. but sadly i left server, because of 1 idiot clan, with player name executioner, and 2 others in that clan (6454 server PVE) because u see, those ■■■■■, randomly comed to surge because server announces everyone where surge will be in PVE server and killed off 2 T4 priests , stealed atleast one fighter t4 , and then started to tilt, its so nice u grind for 7 days and then some idiots come and tilt u also stealing all nomal loot with scrolls, armor and thralls and u cant even KILL them even u are stronger because u see devs maked PVP style possible in PVE …

Idiotism about sitpah is unique, PVE is like gamestyle where griefers and idiots can live freely because they CAN grief and ruin everything, but u cant protect urself … even u are stronger… then u are just forced to leave now 3 servers because u cant play with idiots who wall u in, or ruin what u do…

Siptah neeed actual rework for PVE


  1. Surgers and conv traps markers not showing up in public map ( only maker or clan)
  2. Vaults should close after 1 pressure plate
  3. That portal in sky on T4 surge should be disabled for far vision…
  4. Only summoner can pick up T4 tralls or loot all dead corpses on surge ( either that zone should be maked into PVP, or knocked out tralls instakillable )

So far this is problems that should be solvable… otherwise why th hell u make pve servers . when pvp players ruin other gameplay, then atleast need to upgrade rules and ban them out of pve for ever…

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Well the thin line between the definitions at the decisions to give about this matter seems to be PVP or PVE setting.

I agree that no Player should have the right to interrupt another Player’s gaming experience at PVE. But they should be able to do that at PVP and PVE-C servers.

If I am able to harass, block his passages, cover the entire map that other players cant interact with anything ; give harm by other means; If I am able to steal someone’s items or Kidnapped npcs (yeah ok its funny) at Player Versus Environment setting…It is not Against the Environment, anymore; but instead against the Player.

Did we missed other ways to get high quality items made? Do you hire armorers or buy their goods? If no, then you probably has interest in stealing what others made summoned and ready to convert.


Some of us who hope your words were not simple trollish nonsense still waiting for you to enlighten us. :slight_smile:

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