What do you guys do about Theives?

there have been Online Multiplayer games around for ages now. These communities have unspoken rules about people not just showing up and messing around when people are out farming an area. Yet here in Conan Exiles 1 out of 4 times I’m out minding my own business and trying to get me a little something from a Vault or a Leyshrine here comes a random person to steal my stuff. Is this kind of behavior something you can just get away with? Can these people be reported and banned? I’m seeing all of these guys on here reporting big walls around things but like, what about the cause of the problem? Can we do something to get these people out of our stuff on a PVE server?

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Hi, how can someone steal something in pve?

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You can’t interact with anything owned by someone else on an official pve server. Not dead bodies, not benches, nothing. Unless you’re on a private server with some funny settings than this whole post makes zero sense.


Maybe someone is right behind them taking the drops/loot after clearing the area and the world chests are first come first serve (until they respawn).

Well that’s poor form but why would you continue to do it for them lol. I’d just leave them to it and go somewhere else.

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call em out on /global…

That’s the only thing that went through my mind when mentioning official server, on private I think is the option to ignore container ownership so you have to lock them.

It could be something else as well, I remember that I was going to write this heated post about someone stealing my thrall and I totally missed the animation change on the wheel when the update rolled out. Lol.


Bomb 'em and take alll their stuff.

Oh nevermind, “pve”, do the same. Let us save bans for more worthy ppl.

For pve. Just shadow them when they farm. When they strike an iron node fo in and start striking it too. They will get the point. Or if you can kite NPC to them as a naked. Mob them in camps. Stuff like that.