What happened to stealing servers?

We used to be able to steal stuff from others on PVE servers. It’s Conan after all!
Why can’t we have those servers again without going on a PVP server…

Maybe the victims complained too much.

People probably complain because its inherently flawed to be able to steal on a non PVP server. How are you supposed to stop/deter someone from stealing if you cant hurt them. Effectively making it so this person can just waltz into your base and take you stuff with no repercussions. If you want to steal from people, play on a server where they can defend themselves. Quit whining about having to actually work for your stuff, instead of shamelessly leeching off others :slight_smile:

(Edit: Or they could make servers, or a server option, to allow that sort of thing. Maybe people enjoy the risk of people sneaking in at night and stealing all their stuff if they leave the door open, who knows. I might just be getting old lmao)


I agree. The current system is seriously flawed.

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If people don’t want to lock up their stuff or finish their building, they invite people in…
Remember it’s Conan and everything should be up for grabs.
PVP servers will get your base destroyed every week without justification and just because you’re on the map…

This is true, thats why I dont play on the public servers anymore. Nothing more entertaining than spawning in just to get eaten by a dragon (I know that was in Ark, but same concept lol) But still, complaining about not being able to loot someone’s base because they had to log out quickly, or spaced out, or got raided before hand and had damage they couldnt repair is like wandering around going “waaahhhhhhh I have to gather mats myself”

Wait a minute, you cannot steal other people’s stuff on pve servers anymore? If this is true, I’ll start playing online again. I got tired of having to secure everything and make sure every chest was locked before logging.

It was a shame that I ended up going to single player because of this, because my favorite thing from playing online was looking at the ingenious ways people built their bases. This is great news for me, if it’s true.


There’s a lot of good dedicated pve servers that had the option to loot chests turned off that you could have played on. I really love seeing other peoples builds because it helps me learn new stuff to build myself. :slight_smile:

I did not know that. I am sooooooooo behind the loop! :rofl:

That’s a price which you must pay to play this game. PvE is a joke.

PvE servers should be exactly that: player versus environment. The main issue I had with PvE before it was fixed (IMO) in this game was that players were able to steal from you and there was nothing you could do to retaliate besides maybe stealing from them in return and it was just really flawed. If you want to raid players go to the PvP servers.

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Stealing from other players on a PVE server seems just passive-aggressive. Like they want to be competitive but suck so they have to steal, foundation spam or cheat in other ways to get an edge.


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