Why do PVP servers exist?

So, I just started playing on Official Servers and accidentally joined a PVP server. Now I’m all for a good PVP fight, but in a PVP server here, players wait until you are offline and then break into your base and steal all your items. 2 times this weekend, I’ve farmed from scratch to having a fair amount of building materials and been cleaned out. Friday I started and admittedly built on the noob river not knowing doors don’t lock and people can just get in your base and steal everything. I was offline for like 6 hours and robbed completely including destroying all my crafting thralls. Lesson learned. So I move to another location out of line of sight, by the green wall and didnt have time to farm enough stuff to finish my build, logged off for about 2 hours and come back to being robbed again. So I ask you, is this the reason for PVP servers? For people to farm mats and griefers to steal mats while people are offline?

In my opinion, much more rewarding if you could only be robbed when you are online. Yes I am done with official servers at this point. Single player for me so I’m not wasting my time farming materials for other players to steal.


You pretty much summed it up :smiley:
Also, you could try looking for a private server. If you do like PvP there are some really active ones out there that have raiding rules (some have offline raiding turned off as the server config allows for it). That would allow you to still have PvP gameplay without all the cheaters / hackers and offline raiding :poop:
You could also find a PvE server and just focus on the game and building and yes if you just wanna stay away from people there’s always single player.


I’m pretty salty right now so I really don’t want to play with people anymore today lol. So probably single player for a little while at least. Like no one can be online 24 hours a day, logging in in meant to be fun and then seeing that all your stuff is gone is so disheartening. On an Official Server you would think they would limit it to when people are online if for no other reason to encourage the pvp action vs people just waiting until you are offline and stealing everything. Even the raiding time servers is kind of sketchy like, no one can be online at the same time for hours and hours every day. Offline raiding is a big turn off for me.


It’s quite weird actually, since they did develop the functionality to simply disable building damage once the players went offline… there is even a configurable safe-guard built in that only activates it after a certain amount of time passed since the last clan-member logged off (so they cannot use it as an instant defense when getting attacked)…
Yet… for some strange reason they’re not enabling it on their official servers despite most pvp players even around here asking for it :smiley: There must be some reason behind it… I didn’t follow the topic too much, but the reluctance to even try the feature they literally built for this is weird to me to say the least

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That is odd.

PvE-C is probably more of a true PvP where players actually fight other players. There is no building damage on PvE-C so no raids, just fights, but you can still loot corpses and steal from unlocked chests and benches. Maybe give it a try and see what you think? :wink:

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Also I just realized they stole my eyepatch from the battle pass that can only be claimed once.

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Well your choice. But on PvE servers people generally helps each other :smiley: And if you are lucky they can save you a lot of grind time with some High Grade tools :smiley:

First thing about PVP servers. Most clans have duped thousands of explosives (enough to last them for years). The number of vaults on pvp servers holding explosives are a clue. They could literally take turns to shoot explosive arrows at your base 24/7 till you quit.

Used to be that if you built a tower base outside arrow range, they would need trebuchet to hit it. Now they can just glide on top of it and destroy it from top down.

There are 2 things you can do. Either undermesh like most solo players and get punished for it when funcom fill the mesh, while doing nothing about clans duping. Or spam an area the size of jungle with sandstone foundations and chests every 10 blocks or so, mostly empty. This way someone would literally take days of their time uncovering some spoiled gruel or whatever.

Also a network of tree houses can work, or could work before, since someone would have to destroy each block to just build a lift to get to your base. probably ineffective now.

Im sure its not what was invisioned.

If they wiped pvp servers, made undermesh bases legit, since places like crevice exist anyway. found a way to prevent duping.

Also they could introduce iriversible building decay. So any megabase would become ruins from the passage of time, which would happen in real life. Because how realistic is it to go up the pyramids in egypt with a repair hammer and make them look like new?

Also most of the players i’ve spoken to on pvp servers consider it a curse. They go there because they hate farming mats and just want to pvp.

Outside of some random newb with an alligator pet at sinners refuge, they don’t find any pvp and if playing official exiled lands the server is so lagged during pvp, forget bases taking half hour to load, even thralls and pets look like their hardcore lag switching and glitching at same time.

So they join a clan expecting freebies and loads of pvp, instead they get disturbed while in the shower that their clan base is being raided, instead its just some newbs out for a jolly with demon fire orbs.

Heard of one who got divorced after knocking his baby onto the floor while rushing out the shower to respond to a raid.

Wait, what? How do you unlock chests or benches on PVE-C? I’ve been hoping for that feature for years?

That’s when you know you have a problem and need professional help.

All chests and benches are locked on PvE-C? Well, I just feel stupid now, I thought both PvP & PvE-C ignored ownership, requiring you to manually lock them. Sorry for the misinformation. :sleepy:


Just imagine the laugh and smile and the FUN the robbers have on their faces.
Official servers are for them.

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My friend I understand you completely. As a grinder in pve (only) I must let you know that PvP servers are the griefer’s den and you must always expect to be griefed. But I would advise you to move to pve servers. Although I don’t want to panic you, but keep in mind that griefers are everywhere in any game.

In pve, griefers are there too and they will abuse the report system (as I hear) and any game exploit to harm their victims, they even resort to troll too by using their character to damage your spiked fences or bring enemies (like Avalanche the giant rocknose) close to the thrulls you have set to guard your home so they can get them killed and steal the gear you have made for your servants . But If you know the game rules and you have builded a base (small, medium, normal big) where you and your thrulls are safe, you have nothing to worry about.

For example, you have builded a house alike mansion on water with draw bridges which each has 5 foundations distance from each other and spiked fences between the water serface and the rout on both of them and your house. The griefer will come few times to try and fail but will die to if you have set spiked barricades under the fences with out stacking them. Plus a griefer can not bring enemies to kill your thrull or damage your building when water is his big issue.

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So what we are all saying here is that unless you glitch and/or cheat with duping clans, or spam massive laggy builds, theres no point to playing on a pvp server. Thats kind of the impression I got from playing this weekend on the pvp server anyways. Its a shame. I never actually saw another player to fight anyways despite there being up to 7 players on a couple times. They could probably follow Hosavs lead and add events that draw players to certain spots on the map to increase pvp action.

In that case we need 2 types of PVP servers
1 - PVP Lawless - just like rust no rules and timers, free for all
2 - PVP Lawfull - you can attack any1 any time, but you can raid only bases currently online, quitting wont help, raid receive 1 hour window after logging out, so defend your base, or loose.

In 1st case we got deathmatch type of server for hardcore fun (no safe heaven)
In 2nd - more fair play, when people get chances to defend themselves from offline raiding.

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I like to play on single player mode the most cuz besides the peace and quiet I got there, I can build anything I want with out to worry that a griefer will come to bother me.

The only stuff are still around to bother you (if you are on console or pc) are the bugs of the game, and also the constant crush after the installation of the recent hotfix for the new content.

Do PvP servers still exist WoW?
As of today, WoW has officially done away with PVP servers. Now you can “unflag” on any server. Blizzard caved in to the people that played on PVP servers and let them unflag on any server.

Back in the day, this stuff only happened to players perceived as threats to the Alpha Clan. Nowadays it’s anyone, anywhere.

Their rationale: “I mean with one Storm Globe, you could crack into my castle.” They think of it as frisking you, but it’s just cowardly doing it offline.

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