Persistant online multiplayer mode please

I have pre ordered on ps4. Game advertised as pvp persistant online multiplayer. It said nothing about raid times imposed by devs. Im not ever available to game at peak time. How long can i expect to wait before proper official pvp servers get released? Ive got serious buyers remorse right now.

Im in the same some boat. Infact my whole clan all work during raid time. Hopfully they will listen and give us full pvp.

Expect to get some people here to call you an offline raider and a whiner though but just ignore them

Is there a reason you aren’t considering a private server? There are many benefits compared to the officials…

I have trust issues lol. Would be very annoying to build an epic base then kick the hosts butt in pvp causing him to just spawn an avatar and smash my wonderful base. Also how would you know his level was legit and items were got fairly

Another option is to play on an Official server in another time zone that better fits your playtime needs, just a thought. I had to do this with other games because some of our guild/clan mates were in Australia or Europe with most of us being in the US.

When we are saying raid time, are we meaning pvp evening times?

Admin abuse is seriously rare on private servers. Keep an eye out for private servers that are well populated with the rule set you are looking for. A good admin won’t cheat, because the entire player community would quickly figure it out, then that server would become a barren wasteland, because nobody but the admin and his buddies would log in. The private servers that are set up for mayhem will be your best option frankly. I do however, agree %1000000000000000 with you that there should be an official PvP Mayhem server, even though I would never play on it. There is enough of a demand for it in the player community imo.

Hahahahahah!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy: Sure it is. When you’re in with the admins who are abusing…

servers are staggered by time zone… find a server with raid times that work for you…

Thank the Chinese.

Maybe an Admin just wants to do their own thing without being trashed by a (insert fav acronym here).
They leave you alone, you leave them alone. You mess with them, they bring hell down on you.
A server Admin is NOT the bear you want to poke and tempt your fate with.

Funcom did say that they would consider bringing in different servers down the road should the interest be there. Something like the 24 hour raiding times, mayhem, increased harvest/xp rates etc. The community just needs to band together, or do a poll to show them.

This is going to sound bad, especially without inflection and the coldness of text but please understand I am saying this with your best interest at heart:

You need to get over your issues.

Community servers ARE this game. Official servers are plagued with griefers and asshattery. It’s where you go when you’ve had a bad day at work and need to ruin other peoples’ days in order to blow off steam. Community servers on this game are the source of some of the best player interactions, roleplay scenarios, and overall sandbox experiences I have ever had. The only thing that has surpassed it 2003 SWG (Sorry Funcom, but ain’t nobody beating SWG 1.0 unless they remake SWG 1.0).

What a load of crap, total ad hominem garbage there. Prove that there is rampant Admin abuse going on with private servers. Otherwise, you just sound like another whiny baby who probably got beat fair and square, and cannot handle it. Thus you need your safe spaces where nobody can ever be mean to you. Admin abuse is not something that really happens on successful private servers, the gaming community is clever, would figure it out, and would abandon that server with a quickness. And the word would spread.

actually Padds if you wanna be a offline raider so be it, just dont do it on MY server.

There should be both 24/7 and primetime

and also x1 and x2

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This is not about offline raiding. How many times do I have to say it . It comes down to not being able to raid at all on an official server in my time zone. I probably will give a private server ago to be honest or rent my own server