Unblemished PvP experience servers


I want to ask funcom to reassign 1 or 2 of the lesser populated official servers to the following settings:

Mayhem: no raid timer
Pingfree: all citizens of the world can come in
Normal gathering speed: normal rates for harvesting and XP

This is how the game was meant to be played I think and how we played it after the EA launch. I would like you to offer this way at least to the community.

Ping free is not cool.
No raid timer cool
Harvest x4 with crafting and slaving speed boost

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Well there are enough servers who cover your needs. I want an unadjusted gaming experience with other players free from restrictions and boosts.

The raid timer needs to be in place because there are such things as troll gamers. That target certain individuals

I like mayhem but for any of you who have ever played Ark, you already knows what comes with 24/7 raid windows lol.

As for ping free, hell no. In fact we need more latency/ping restrictions b/c I’m tired of seeing people jumping on servers way outside their geographic regions just to have an advantage with the lag that brings. I’ve seen gameplay on North American servers go to crap b/c Europeans or Brazilians join with their high latency connections. Then its like fighting people with lag switches b/c they teleport all over the place half the time or they cry b/c they think regular players in the correct region are the ones lagging.
No, we just need to get players servers for their regions so that everyone can have less lag to deal with.

They need seperate pvp servers for that kind of experience because not everyone want 24/7 raid times.

We have that almost everywhere. I think 1-2 servers can exist where you have to rely on your planning to make sure you won’t get raised over night. I think that’s a more competitive approach.

Yeah that is what I want :slight_smile:

But you are free to choose the server you want?! And I don’t understand why we have raidtimers on ping free servers. Doesn’t make much sense when people in one country can raid from 17 to midnight and in another country it’s 1:00 til 8:00 during that time. Thought about that?!

Create your own private server then if you want 24/7 raid times. There is that option

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