PvP Servers for the few

I suggest you guys add an official server that has raid times for the weekend. Those of us, that have families cant keep up with everyone else that is raiding EVERYDAY. This game is already very taxing, and if youre not online the moment raid starts, you may be wiped within the 1-2hours of the start.

I get off work at 5, shop, make dinner, spend time with the family. Then i can get on, i love PvP, i love raiding, but i just cant be online all the time.

And as far as i recall, PvE servers, have no raids, no one likes to PvP. they bearly duel.
And PvE-Conflict, i dont even know what the hell this is, it is PvE with PvP but no raiding?

So anyways, PvP-Weekends.

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