Rotating pvp damage restrictions

I’d like to see some servers have a rotation in the damage restriction window to the other side of the clock every couple months to give people who work a chance to get in on the mayhem. Any hope in something like that?


This is a good suggestion, but only if you make new servers available to fill this demand. Some people will not want their worlds turned on it’s head by raid time changes, but options are always a good thing. They could have servers that offer different raid block times and durations. Some people may think 6hr raiding window is too long or short, there can be servers where you have 24/7 or 12hr windows, or even 2-4hr raid windows.

ADDED: they could probably close half of the dead servers tbh.

Well a lot of people don’t like going to work and coming home to find out they got smashed. I’m not saying all the time I’m saying rotate. That’s totally fair. And it will give the other side a taste of what us nightwalkers deal with. A little payback. Conflict and resolution. Humans thrive on it. However, getting constantly smashed without an opening to fight back… Kinda breaks you down.

Yeah you are correct, they chose the raid slots to fit the largest customer base i’m sure. It probably sucks worse not being able to strike back when you can play. Not sure how populated your server will be though. Maybe ping won’t be so bad with tech advancements and you can play with Kiwi’s or Aussies one day/night whatever.

Problem is, the 16 hour players are the most notorious offline raiders, so time wouldn’t effect them. they would just wait out until your rotation took you offline during raid time.


so sad that no-lifers also have to be so cowardly.


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