Need a hand finding an appropriate official server


Need a hand finding a server that has raiding somewhere around my timezone. I live in Hawaii (-10 gmt). Anyone know if there are any official servers that raid from maybe 6pm till midnight local time for me? The US west coast servers run too early. By the time I get home from work and have dinner I’ve got maybe an hour or two raid time. I’m trying an Oceania server and had 3 hours raid time before bed… But then daylight savings happened now I’ve got 2 max again. Any help would be appreciated. Kinda considering renting my own but would prefer an official.

Many official servers have pretty standardized building damage times… You will probably have better luck looking for a private server that may better suite your needs, Plus you can actually get in game admin support from a private server, might not sound like something that concerns you now but trust me when it does eventually concern you you will really wish you had setup on a server with admin support.

I was in a similar situation, although I was more looking for a server that only had weekend raid time as I don’t get a whole lot of time to play during the week. I had no luck on officials, and eventually found a private server that suited my needs, outside of the convenience of the raid time suiting my schedule I also found the joys a private server can bring, much better community, and active admins who will help with anything from cheating and griefing to something as small as stuck thralls or meshed enemies.

After being on a private server now for a few weeks I could never go back to the hell hole that are officials :smiley:

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Thanks for the confirmation!

1880 is pretty chill and runs on pst time

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