Official PvP server time zones?

I was hoping someone could tell me which time zones the official PvP servers for xbox are set to? I’m in Australia but because of my work I can only play in the early mornings, so I can’t raid anyone :frowning:

I’m trying to figure out if there is, say, a US or European server where the raid hours will be when I am online, so I can play properly. I’ve experimented a bit but haven’t been able to figure it out. The other day I was online on a US server at 7:30 am here which would be 5:30pm in Washington according to the internet, but it still didn’t seem to be raid hours. I can’t find a way to see what time zone each server is in on the xbox either.

Any help would be much appreciated!

OK, so no one’s replied here, and I’ve been researching on the net a fair bit and looked thoroughly in game, and have found nothing. Is there really no way to see which time zone an official server is in on the xbox? It’s almost like it’s being hidden for a reason. I can’t even seem to find the current server time anywhere :neutral_face:

This is hands down the most frustration bit about trying to select a server

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Right. I take it that this is a known issue then, and no-one’s going to be able to point me to a way to find out time zones on xbox because there isn’t a way.

Let me try another strategy then: I’ve worked out that BST would be perfect for me. My play time would be bang in the middle of raid time on a server set to the BST timezone.

So if anyone here is playing on xbox in the UK, in the BST time zone, could you please let me know of any official PvP servers where the raid hours match your time zone?

Thanks, hope this works.

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