2nd time being banned from unofficial pvp server for raiding?

Like the title says, this is the 2nd time I’ve been banned from pvp unofficial for doing what I thought everyone is suppose to be doing? Before you ask, yes everyone was online whoever I was raiding. So no OFFline raiding, I had been raided the SAME day and they didn’t get banned. So lastnight I returned the favor and I didn’t even get much from these guys. Some steelefire and hardened brick. All of a sudden I am disconnected and banned from that server. So it kinda sucks. Unofficial servers seem to be better in terms of lag and population. But you are at the hands of the host who can ban at ANYTIME. If anyone knows why I was banned I’d like to understand why. side note I don’t think I raided the Admin. I attacked 2 different clans.

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Even that should not cause a ban. If they host pvp, they are at fault for being raided.

Its just another story telling me its right to stay on official. Though the performance could be better.
I mean they were better at full launch, and that is kind of a given fact. Nowadays, lots of people experience lots of lag on official servers. They obviously got tuned down compared to full launch state.
Some evenings are unplayable and lots of people are complaining in global because of lag.


wait you have been banned?> for real they ban in this game?

Private server. Owned by a private person. Who can ban you if they don’t like you, for any reason or no reason at all: It’s their server.

Official servers have no oversight (no admins), and consequently no bans.


I never play on private servers because of this.
In these kind of games are to many salty kids which run their own server.
Its almost always the best to stay on official servers in multiplayer games.

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Private server. Private rules.

Some of them have some goofy rules. Some require that you join a Discord channel, and then abide by the ever-changing rules and polices among a myriad of Discord channels.

If you want the same rules, every time, go to official public servers.

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The server owner can ban who he wants, he pays to have this power. If you dont like… change your server. End of discussion

Welcome to private servers! Never know what could happen.

maybe check their “rules” some private servers have a 24 or 48 hour admin bubble. meaning if someone was raided hard they get protection from raid for X amount of time for them to rebuild/regather (to eliminate people quitting and a server dying cuz of population) I know some servers have a lot of rules and mainly its to keep a private server healthy (aka see what happened to official servers)

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I started the server 2 days ago and built a small fort made bombs and raided someone. It is that simple.

I prefer official servers but I enjoy the fast pace of private servers. So I kinda have to pick my poison I guess.

Still a lot of questions remain unanswered. In PS4, which it appears you were playing on, there is a severe lack of ability to communicate in-game via text/voice. Our PvE server relies heavily on PSN text and voice chat, we also have a discord channel set up. Were you able to talk to these guys? Perhaps a PSN message to the admin will clear up the reasons for you. While we haven’t booted anyone yet, we have considered it for some of the players that do not participate in our chat groups.

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I wasn’t able to talk to anyone but the only thing the clan that I raided said were insults and threats of revenge…which I am fully prepared for…it is part of the game when you take peoples loot.

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what level are you? what level are the players you raided?

I was level 48 and they are all level 60

Is your name or online I’d something that anyone could have an opinion about.

For example

I have been a photographer my whole life. I have used Nikon cameras most of that time. In the mid 90’s movie Hackers one of the dudes handle was lord Nikon. So I took inspiration and my psn is Nikkor. Pronounced nigh-core.The lenses that go on Nikon cameras. But most people on PlayStation have no idea and think that I’m trolling with a name that sounds like something else. I’ve drawn a lot of Aggro because of it.

Yeah, this happened to me too ( I was not banned though). Even if i was a long timer that always played it by the book. That’s why i’ve stopped playing on private servers. Most admins do this. You raid their friends and suddenly in a day after they got tons of bombs and gear. You wonder how they recover so fast. One day you follow and see a hovering admin fly into a bunch of ill equipped opponents and 10 minutes later they come to your base with BiS gear and tons of bombs.
My biggest advice for you OP is to every time you start on a new private server figure out who the admin likes (their friends, relatives, whatever or their base they use if they play aswell) and raid it, not once but multiple times to know if they are good admins or not. Should give you a clear idea if the server is worth playing long time or not.

Biased pvp server or laggy exploit official server pick your poison.

Well an update. I am not banned anymore. I guess it was temporary? It still makes me think twice to try to stay cuz i’ll prob get banned again for an unknown reason.

Offtopic but you summed up the Conan Exiles online experience pretty well with this.
Official server’s performance is a joke. So you join a private server with way better performance and take the risk to experience some admin abuse.

@Moforyguy and the generel public
I had good and bad experiences with admins. Best thing is to go onto their Discord or website and check for rules right after joining the server. From the rules you can often see if the admins are advanced PVP players and raiders or some random PVE-RP admins that just want peace and a good time on the server even though it’s labeled PVP.

A mistake is certainly (though I don’t mind) to join a server and start trash talking in chat and on the other hand whine about ten different things or rules. Most admins are normal human beings and react like normal human beings. I’d like admins to have studied law and had the qualification to work as a judge in court but truth is, it’s not the case :D. They often tend to stick to well known players who played consistently on their servers… Be smart and not stubborn. If you crush PVP noobs type in chat “good fight, it was fun” and don’t flame them for being bad players. If an admin gives you a warning react politely and apologize.

Ofc sometimes there is nothing you can do and the admin is just an *******.

Did you bother to ask about or read the server rules?

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