Ps4 private server vikings 10x pvp

So this server is doing better than most officials on ps4, but it has lying abusive admins, i was heading back to base at 11.30 which is end of raid time, only to notice god coin on map so i go there, i see admins flying spawning gods, i kill one of these trolls, take his 14 set tokens, boom banned.

So i get in party with him, he says people were complaining to him because they lose in pvp honestly, and this is how he deals with it, but hes the owner and f me right? First time i ever met this guy, so i help a tribe from abusive cheating admins and i get banned + my base gets wiped after raid hours.

I forgot to mention i gave my friend 4 tokens so aftrr i got banned the admins activated godmode and try to kill my friend for an hour what a joke, anyway please dont join this server it will be a waste of time, one more thing when i was in their party they said banning was impossible, the screenshot i showed them said otherwise, whats with people lying to your face on video games…

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Yeah absolute joke of server I’ve been on it too and basically the admins have made what seems to be a genuine PvP server but if you kill a few people and they can’t kill you back they cry to the admins and the admins just use there almighty powers to wipe you. So if you like being a protected pve player on a PvP server by all means join these cheating cry babies.

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