Admin abuse report!

Guys be careful out there when you play on private servers, I was on a pvp unofficial server called the land of Xorhas. It had dynamic building on and drop on death x6 harvesting. Sounded legit. So I take a little break checking out other servers for a week and bam come back been wiped by the clan black legion. So they turned off dynamic building damage to raid me. Then fly to my base and try to raid me after raid hours (noobs) and I see the guy fly off. Me and one other clan mate chase him and beat him down and out of nowhere we got kicked came back on and the server was Keep on death now. So we go to there base outnumbered 2-6 and 6 thralls they have and pvp them to a pulp. Outnumbered and wearing t1 gear with iron weapons. All of them had Heavy Silent legion gear on maxed blades and we chase them back into the fort after murdering all the thralls. Then of course this happened . I get banned. Help me spread the word to avoid this server called the land of Xorhas-slightly boosted. It’s got rough admin abuse. And it says 4 to a clan, but theyre of course linked up with another clan called hellheim. So guys if you would be sure not to click on that server and let it die.

Oh, don’t worry, @DeadXDeity . As they did to you they’ll do to others. People like that can’t help themselves. In the end they’ll just have their friends to play.

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I mean I even sent them a message and was like look I don’t care your the admin let’s just fight and one of them you couldn’t even damage the health bar on. I just don’t see the point it’s way more fun to play and fight. I don’t even care about getting wiped if I lose legitimately. Just lame to be banned for something so petty, but thanx for the message.