New server I found needs some raiding!

So I stumbled upon a new server which is 24/7 which I love and I don’t wont to leave the server at all, but man it’s dead. The admin is uh kinda different and kinda lazy, but said he paid for a year. I asked if he would build an arena and he just straight said no lol. Instead he dropped me the mats to build one. Server just needs some clans to jump on and check it out. Only one other clan on here besides me and it would be cool if some people would jump on and throw some hands. Server name is Warlords of Exiles/10x/ 24/7.

Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like you have become the future Alpha of the server. I don’t play pvp myself but if you treat new players with respect and give them a chance you can have a great thing going. As far as the owner of the server I and my wife have had a PVE-C server since shortly after the game came out and I don’t spend alot of time on it recently players have problems send me a message otherwise have fun.

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Thanx for the reply I took like three days off came back and someone wiped my base lol which was fine just to see someone else on. The other clan built huge but server has like 3 new people. If you know anyone who wants to get on throw them my way. I don’t mind getting wiped I just like to see people play and the admin is a straight ghost and isn’t promoting this server. But at least it’s paid for a year.

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Is this sever still available


It is but the current state after the update made it impossible to play