New EU Server, Last Kingdom (PS4)

Hey fellow Exiles.

I have opened a new “Hardcore” 24/7 PVP server and I am looking for few players to populate it.

Few pointers.
20 slots (more will be added, if server becomes popular enough)
PVP and building damage is on 24/7 (no foundation griefing)
Characters stay ingame while you log off.
Clan size: 5
Avatatars are currently disabled, to prevent others from nuking up your base.
No boosts

All Admin buildings are free for raiding and looting.
No Admin abuse in case of getting looted, killed etc.
Admin will not raid player bases, unless players invite me to raidtest them,
Admin clan members have no admin powers nor benefits, other than having access to admin buildings. (i.e can go thru the doors) Admin clan members are free to be pvp’d without admin retaliation…

Password access will be added later and given to dedicated players, if server becomes popular enough to be regularily too full for players to access it

Any question, please ask me.