Looking for a good server PS4

Ive been playing since game started, took a break for a few months because of official servers, I was on a good one that apparently shut down last night. It was a PVE-c had great admins and was password protected all kinds of events and so on its was really good. I dread trying official again. Im not real good at PVP but if its a good server id give it a try. Im in the US and looking for a good PVEC or even PVP


I started Exiles Gone Wild pvp server a few days ago. We are very low pop looking into growing if you are interested.

Ps4 NA west coast- send me a discord pm @ Mr.Buttersnatch #2013

Tried messaging you but says the usernames invalid? I just started playing and am interested in your server.

I have just opened a 20 slot EU server:
Last Kingdom.

It has 24/7 pvp, with avatars disabled, so no one can just nuke up your hardwork.

Building damage is 24h so no one can permanently build around resources preventing others from farming.

Also all admin buildings are free for raiding and looting.


I opened a server 8 days ago.
PVP 40 slots overall 20 / 40 online. With a discord server aswell.
Winter is here [ 2x ] [ fresh wipe ] [ admin ]
Send a msg on psn if u want. @mpcelroy