[ New ][ PS4 ][ 40 slot ][ PVP ] SERVER - [ Active Admin ][ Great community ][ Weekly Events ] - @@JOIN NOW! TRY - SUMMER IS HERE [ Clans Recruiting ][ Discord ][ EU Based - BUT ALL REGIONS / TIME ZONES WELCOME !]

[Welcome to all Exiles]

To all Fighters , Grinders and everything in between!
Some quick info about the server i run@@

My name is Elroy - Psn MPCElroy

I maintain an active and clean server, that is growing bigger each day.
We are always looking for more new and active players to join our community!

You can join and start fresh or join one of the many clans already playing on the server. Whatever you choose everyone will be more then happy to welcome you and help you out.

We also do a lot of events. Some of them will take place in one of our Arena’s ( Like the Massive Colosseum ) Or will be made on the spot. There are always a lot of people participating in these.

Also For the most big changes in the server i let the players decide what they want with our Poll system. Everyone has 1 day to vote what they want to see changed or want to keep.

@@ Some numbers - Settings @@

Server runtime atleast 6 + months.
PVP - building dmg 24/7 but with strong rules against offline raiding.
XP gain 2x
Harvest 1.5x
Purge at max lvl - But takes a while longer to fill up the meter.
EU based - But All regions can join.
Currently 40 slots but will be increased when we hit the max online.
Average online people 15+
Active people on our discord server 50+

[ Server Name ]
Summer is here / 2x / New / Admin / Events / Discord

[ Our discord community ]

For more questions - Info - Comment below.
Also feel free to add me on
PSN - Mpcelroy
Or join our discord !! Where we will be happy to tell u more

@@ Looking forward to meet you all @@


Hi is this a eu server? I might be interested in joining, I’m a returning player so I know how to play and stuff. Only issue I don’t have much playtime due to real life so during the week it’s mostly an hour maybe 2, weekends I usually can play more though.

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Yes, but there are also US people playing.

Cool clans cool admin very helpful 10/10 much wow very cool join us precious

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Hey all I’m an American member of the server and I see people online all the time. The more the merrier, come join and see if you can stake a claim.

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Good admin chilled PvP love it

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You also decide what is going to happen with our POLL system.



A Nice and Relaxing Server for Every One in any age
We’ll do our best to provide helpful tips and Dungeon Runs plus Admin keeps The Server busy with Dragon Arena, PvP/PvE Arena and Mazes now and again with Fun Prices to Win

Though some thinks that Admin loves to watch us struggle going through His Personal Wheel of Pain
That’s just a Theory …

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Yeah a very nice server indeed, fun folks with a cool admin and frequent events. I’m glad I joined the server and welcome all to try it.

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Thankyou all

Awesome server, friendly af admin and a cool community, we want more players to fight against us soooo you better join

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Thanks a lot! Looking forward to see you guys in action!

New events this week! Will you join us?

Yes indeed this server is close to being perfect, it has a great community wt a humane fair rule-set for newly exilied and ppl who just got raided hard [T]// come join, there’s tournaments upcoming and the more the marrier so you all will be very well welcomed

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Really awesome server, helpful and friendly admins!

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Is this server still up and running?

Yess, new players every day, and active as hell atm :blush:

Join our discord and get to know the rest of us :smiley:

[ Summer is here - Gladiator tournament ]

Next week we have a all out server event at our own colosseum.
Join now! And try and show everyone how good your pvp skills are !

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