Looking for PS4 server to join

Just got the game and looking for a server. Have played survival games before. Looking for a server that has active players

I opened my own server yesterday.
40 slots PVP Very active as admin
15 + players already active on it.

Winter is here [ 2x ] [ fresh wipe ] [ admin ]

There is also a active discord server

If you are still looking we have a ps4 pve 30 slot server and we are very active. Right now there is plenty of room. We are here to have fun. Send me a message if you are interested. Thanks


PS4 - Manifest Destiny.

60 slot 50+ players during primetime and weekends. See post at the top of these forums for details. Or check us out on the server list. (Just had a server restart for some multiplier adjustments, people logging back in shortly)