2nd time being banned from unofficial pvp server for raiding?

Did you bother to ask about or read the server rules?

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I’ve played on all kinds of unofficial servers. Rarely did I bother with official due to performance. I’ve done so much raiding. It’s really about the admins and the server. If you have a bad experience, leave a note on topconanservers to warn others and hopefully make public the admin abuse. I have never been banned even being in the clan that did the most raiding on tons of different servers. Granted I made sure to follow all rules, join server discord, and I stuck to servers that were populated.

What server were u on? and i have a server right now man thats up called Seasons in the Abyss.
4x PvP raiding on weekends and no building damage through the week so everyone has a chance to build up. Thralls tame fast and the server is literally brand new just opened it 2 days ago on PS4

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